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Bang Ukraine - the real attitude of Westerners to Ukraine
• Order Bang Ukraine • A Strategy Guide That Spoon-Feeds You Advice On
Meeting And Banging Ukrainian Women In Ukraine
Bang Ukraine is a sex travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women while in Ukraine without having to go to strip clubs or pay for prostitutes.

Here's what you'll find inside... § A deep analysis of the culture § How you can hack the backwards Ukrainian mentality to get laid § Advice on which city is best to visit § The minimum amount of time you'll need in the country to sleep with a Ukrainian girl § The best online, audio, and print resources for learning the Russian language as efficiently as possible
Most of the book is dedicated to the women. You'll read... § An intricate breakdown on the body and appearance of Ukrainian women § How Ukrainian women stack up against other women of the world, particularly in Eastern Europe § A description of a Ukrainian girl's personality and how to counter her negative traits § The type of guy who would do best with Ukrainian women § How to respond when a Ukrainian woman tries to cross-examine you § The 3 types of Ukrainian girls, and the one you should go for in order to obtain sex § The 3 types of men that a Ukrainian girl wants to experience, and how to be the one that gets sex the fastest
The book teaches you how to pick up Ukrainian girls during the day, night, and via the internet. You'll learn... § How many approaches you'll likely have to do in order to sleep with a Ukrainian girl § How to develop a solid backstory so she doesn't think you're a sex tourist § A thorough strategy for getting dates via internet sites § Two easy ways to get a Ukrainian girl's number § A detailed breakdown on how to pick up during the day, including opening strategy, conversation tips, pitfalls to avoid, and how to best answer their common questions about your visit § Why eye contact is so important in Ukraine, and how to use it to your advantage § The best nightclub pickup strategy that has ever been put into print for the country of Ukraine § How to have a conversation with a Ukrainian girl who possesses bad English, with over a dozen topics and ideas to be used both for when you meet her and on dates
Ukraine is not a one-night stand culture so be prepared to date. With that in mind, the book teaches you... § The type of vibe you must put out to prevent getting friend zoned § The paradoxical sign that lets you know the interaction is moving forward § Three date strategy for sealing the deal, with specific venue suggestions, tips, and moves § The one thing you don't want to display to a girl while out on a date (if you want to get laid quickly) § Analysis of how a Ukrainian girl logically decides on whether to have sex with you or not § What to do when a Ukrainian girl tries to extract resources from you in a long-term relationship § Additional lessons learned from watching Ukrainian men pick up their own women
I wrap the book up with bonus information and stories. You'll read... § How you'll be perceived based on your race § Whether or not Ukrainian girls evaluate you based on your style § The two paths to sexual success in Ukraine § Two short stories that offer additional insight and information into Ukrainian culture, including interesting examples of making love to Ukrainian women § Detailed city guide on Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city
The 103-page book is organized into five chapters... § 1. Welcome To Ukraine: Country background and logistics § 2. Girls: How they look and act § 3. Game: How to pick them up and sleep with them § 4. Stories: Five short stories from my time in Ukraine § 5. City Guides: Details on five popular cities Review: "Congratulations on a job well done..." Roosh writes an accurate history of the industrial shit hole he spent 3 months in. He uses humor in every paragraph. More important, he explains how gaming in Ukraine is different than any place hes been to. He actually had to revise many theories of game. Ukraine is not easy, so do not be left in the dark.

Roosh picked Kharkov , a city that pretty much represents the mentality of girls from the majority of Ukrainian cities , as well as Russian cities. In fact what you learn in this book will cover most large cities in all the FSU. That's 200 million people.

With lines drawn in the sand, Roosh tries and succeeds in gaming girls who are like miners extracting everything they can get from guys. He explains the thought process of the girls and difficulties that he encountered. He also includes geographic logistics of the city , where to drink, club and find an apartment.

At the end of the book under reflection I had to say I agree with majority of his conclusions. I pretty much know the FSU female mentality and I would say he does now as well. In addition after interrogating a female Ukrainian captive , my wife of 10 years, I got confirmation grudgingly that Roosh nailed everything accurately.The only problem is now shes organizing a hit squad. Seems she was a sleeper agent who purpose was to prevent Westerners from banging their women. So you guys better hurry. Congratulations on a job well done.
Review: "His methodology is damn accurate..." [Bang Ukraine] follows the same framework and outline, but Bang Ukraine felt more instructional and calculated than the others. And not in a bad way - Ukraine is so damn crazy and hard to understand that it likely needs a more direct and no nonsense approach to it. Of course the story portion was great as always and had me actually laughing aloud to myself.

My experience in Ukraine differed from Roosh's in a lot of ways, which I can almost guarantee is because I stayed in Kiev the capital as opposed to the industrial shithole of Kharkiv. So while some things were quite different living in the major city (one night stands, more drinking, more promiscuity, etc.), Roosh was dead on about a lot of the ingrained attitudes of these girls.

First off, Roosh is right that the level of femininity you will experience will shock your senses. Heels, skirts, hair, makeup all the time and done well. It's fantastic.

Next, I do agree that it is quite impossible to swoop in for a weekend and succeed. Even though I had success it wasn't until I was there for a week into my 10 night trip where I started "figuring" things out. His methodology is damn accurate with the type of touching and aggressiveness you have to put out. Only in Ukraine did I touch like this and have it widely accepted. I also agree with his beliefs about when to get the number, and about acting like a "man" as I've never seen it so required and expected as it was in Ukraine to be a non-apologetic man in the most traditional sense.

The description of what it was like talking with girls was very similar as well. The funny thing is, and now that I think back about it, is how much these girls change once you bang them. I also had a mini-gf (though not as long as Roosh), and it was actually refreshing to have a girl become funny and cook and clean for you and so on. You get a great girlfriend that you enjoy talking to, seeing and generally being around.

I'm always a fan of the stories section. However dare I say that Roosh's Yulia story was quite long...perhaps a sign of how much he liked her? Awww... Just kidding my friend, having seen a glimpse at what these girls could offer visually and with their femininity I can see how what you describe happened to you would happen to most men. And back to the story, even though it was a longer story the reader is still entertained throughout and waiting to see how it ends.

Enjoyed the read and highly suggest it to those traveling to Ukraine, especially for Kharkiv and other smaller cities.

Bang Ukraine aims to be a must-read guide for any Western man who wants to make love with Ukrainian women while visiting Ukraine. The book is available in paperback and ebook... Read Bang Ukraine Risk-Free
The paperback edition costs $13.97 (plus shipping) and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Amazon. The Kindle edition is also available. Click the image below to order from Amazon...
The eBook edition (containing PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats) costs $9.99 and is processed by Paypal. After submitting your payment you'll be instantly forwarded to the book's download page. If for whatever reason you don't like the book, contact me within 60 days and I will refund your money no questions asked...

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Last comment added by Alexander Ashikhin, group 403.

NOT to misjudge both the article and the book under consideration a reader had better distract from a cultural bias, in this case Ukrainian one. If you're quite a vulnerable person suffering from affection to your culture and, especially, if you're a naive, innocent lady, this piece of writing will probably make you feel wounded and even humiliated. But if you capable of rational thinking, and aren't caught by the loud title (shout-outs to PR) and furious responses, you'll will consider this book interesting or boring, helpful or useless, true or false (underline the correct), but not offensive.
The author did a really good job, laborious exploration of intricate Ukrainians soul, and according to the article he's made such an accurate and exhaustive work, that's no doubt another feather in his cap.
Definitely I see no difference between this book and, for instance, "How to Make Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, in their basis lies the concept of using people via Psychology, either for climbing the career ladder or "just" having sex (not only with Ukrainian girls, since there are books devoted to other nationalities as well). Of course, this book is controversial, but it panned out, it stressed the attention.

p.s. Haven't met the deadline due to some technical obstacles, don't pretend to get any score, but to express the attitude towards the article and book itself.

Fools can make you commit suicide?

Not a bad piece of writing, congrats!

комментарий пользователя Яна_93 - Немченко Яна, 401 группа

Душкина Наташа (401)
I don’t wondersuch book, it’s like a guide to Ukraine. Maybe in some aspects it will teach
some useful things as picking up, advices which city is best to visit, knowing
the culture. I just wonderthat the author of this book have just such impressions - how easy to get sex
with Ukrainian girls, but no more. Don’t you think that some tips will not
work?! We acquaint with the foreigners for some language practice, it’s rather
interesting to learn more about different country and that’s it. I think
everyone is individual and judging on a particular type of girls is awful.  All depends on upbringing and special valuesin life.  Neverthelessbefore making conclusions, it is necessary to start to read a book.


This article shocks me. I cannot even imagine that someone can write does not showssuch book about “pickuping Ukrainian girls”. Why Ukrainian girls and not, for example Italian girls or girls of others nationality? I asked myself after read this article. It is so strange in the one hand. And on the other hand is so abusive for us, Ukrainian girls. I can only guess why this book dedicated to Ukrainian women. Everybody knows, and it is no secret at all, that most Ukrainian women want a happy and a rich man in their life and a future husband. I think many girls want that dream to come true. Our girls so trustful and foreigners only use their naivety. They just pick them up and sleep with them and that’s all, without happy ending. But this is not a reason to treat all Ukrainian women as if they were alike. The author of this book writes only about girls who live in Kharkiv, so I think it is only subjective opinion about Ukrainian women. As far as I understand the book does not shows the whole picture and is exaggerated.

Manypeople know that theUkrainiangirlsare themost beautiful in theworldandthere is nothingstrange in the factthat foreignerswant to "come in touch with the world ofbeauty."On theonehand,the things and methods of pickupingthat the authordescribes in his bookare terrible.Of course, I believe that such men’sconsumerist attitudeto girlsis unacceptable.But on the otherhand, there arewomenwho would bepleasedto take such attitude from men, so this informationcanbeveryuseful notonly forforeigners but alsofor the girlswho are glad totake their"courtship". Iguess that these girlsdo not deserveanotherattitude.
Ответ: Don't you know that words are supposed to be written separately?

Таланкова Наталия (401)
I  have contradictory impression of this article. Everybody knows a stereotype about Ukraine and Ukrainian women,how beautiful they are etc,but it does not mean  that they are willing to do everything for foreigners,just because they have money,well-paid job. All stereotypes and rumors do not just happen from nothing, and the worst thing that some of such girls and foreigners think that each and every ukrainian girl behave herself in such way. Certainly, we can not deny it, but the majority of Ukrainian women would not go on their tricks. Creation of a book Bang Ukraine  about Ukrainian girls and detailed instructions terrifies me,especially the image of Ukraine.

The author of the very article had been living in Kharkov for three months and the result of it was the guide with the eloquent title “Bang Ukraine”. Roosh (the author) tells us about the peculiarities of ‘pick-up art’ on the vastness of Ukraine and he gives the examples of his own experience. Despite the trivial censored descriptions of Ukrainian females, this fearless guy reveals all ins and outs of our female mentality – non-confident, tatty, dough-hungry, longed for marriage, etc. I would like to underline the fact that nowadays such type of activity as sex tourism becomes increasingly popular. According to the travel agencies, the demand for this service is growing and growing every single year. Being objective, I believe we deserved such kind of characteristics because “rumors are like songs ... there always has to be a bit of truth in them, or they won't have any power”. There is no point of placing the blame on Roosh for being honest because as Ukrainian I notice that today’s girls strive for rich, immature and which is more desirable foreign guy, they wear bright make-up, high hills and deep decollete not being interested in self-developing. Every fifth tries to clutch up some foreigner and get out of Ukraine as soon as possible. As the conclusion, I would like to say that you only see what your eyes want to see.
Ответ: You've written a clever piece and, which is more, in most cases it complies with the rules of English grammar.

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