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“That was a big, big problem,” he told his supporters. “I was really being tough – and so was he – and we would go back and forth, and then we fell in love, okay?”

The site was designed to offer advice on different aspects of University translatology.
Here you can find information on:

  • Peculiarities of translation at the faculties of foreign languages.

  • The ideology of a professional.

  • International standards of professional competence.

  • Classical works on translation and bibliography of academic papers.

  • The list of quotations thematically arranged.translate

  • Internet resources on translatology.

  •  The format of academic papers.

  • The explanation of the basic terms of translatology: equivalence, modality, the unit of translation, the network of translation problems, transformation, metonymy, vehicular languages, directionality of translation etc.

  •  You can find here examples of translation analysis that can be used in classroom discussions and in your scholarly papers.

11.12.18 The sheer amount of substandard science content on the Internet will make your head spin. Too many websites are chock-full of copy and pasted press releases, ideologically tainted writing, or downright lazy, hyped, or misleading reporting. RealClearScience's job is to filter out all of the garbage to bring you the most relevant, interesting, and accurate science news and opinion. During this pursuit, we notice a number of websites that rise above the rest. Here are our picks for the top websites for science in 2018.


7.12.18 "What it is now fashionable to call a “narrative” runs like this: plucky little Ukraine was just exercising its right to move two gunships and a tugboat from Odessa to its port of Mariupol on the Azov Sea, when big bad Russia obstructed their legitimate passage, rammed the tug, detained the ships, and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors – all with no justification whatsoever. 

Russia has a different version, and this is that the Ukrainian ships flouted agreed regulations – by not giving notice of their arrival – and the clash was deliberately staged to bolster President Petro Poroshenko’s flagging support as he starts his campaign for re-election. Ukraine, it should also be said, denies this, and says its ships tried to give notice but could not raise any response. On the other hand, if you recall the saga of the non-murdered Russian journalist in Kiev, Ukraine has some rather bold form in the anti-Russia fake news department.


It is a rare case when they put two narratives side by side in the English language mass media. In most cases "facts" are offered for the reader to grapple with WITHOUT a different version of events.

3.12.18 Ambivalence is a natural feature of English syntax that should be dealt with in Russian translation by means of clarification (Y. I. Retsker). The device of clarification is often resorted to in the strategy of Horace (the latter makes the translator “improve” the text in conformity with the interests of the stylistic norms of the Receptor’s culture). 

NATO has outlived its usefulness. It risks dragging America into an unnecessary war in which most European allies would do little more than watch. Getting out is more complex than getting in. In the meantime, Washington should stop adding to it new members that are security liabilities. The Trump administration should instead focus on engaging in serious negotiations to end the neo-Cold War that has developed between Washington and Moscow.


НАТО исчерпала себя, и пользы от нее сегодня мало. Эта организация может втянуть Америку в ненужную войну, в которой большинство европейских союзников ничего не будут делать, наблюдая за происходящим. Выбраться из такой войны намного сложнее, чем вступить в нее. Вашингтону пора прекратить расширять альянс за счет принятия новых членов, которые являются для него обузой в плане безопасности. А администрации Трампа вместо этого надо приступить к серьезным переговорам о прекращении новой холодной войны, которая идет между Вашингтоном и Москвой.


1.12.18 Hate speech n the  internet must be dealt with in the most serious way. The Germans are in the vanguard of this important movement that is going to revolutionize communication in social networks:

As the most ambitious law of its kind, Germany’s new Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) has become a touchstone for Western democracies struggling to deal with hate speech on the internet. The law is designed to force social networks to effectively monitor and remove dangerous content. Online platforms operating in Germany face fines of up to €50 million for failing to systematically delete it.


27.11.18 The time and space continuum seemed to have been broken, thus bringing two of the most formidable British queens together in the same, rather unexpected place. For instead of London, I was in a small Northern Italian town called Schio (pronounced 'ski-o').

This was British Day Schio – a weekend extravaganza dedicated to Great Britain during which the citizens of Schio declare themselves British. They dress up as British characters from past and modern times and even publish a newspaper (the headline of which this year proudly stated: La Citta' Piu' Britannica d'Italia!, ‘The Most British City in Italy!’).


23.11.18 "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" - here comes a famous poem by Lord Tennyson quoted by a corrupt politician who sent the ironic backlash against himself:

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's (mis)reading of Tennyson is awash in dramatic irony.



"Widely believed to harbor corrupt ambitions, impeached, and accused of soliciting bribes, the governor of Illinois has defended himself by quoting a poem that amounts to a resignation from executive office." Stephen Burt finds irony in Rod Blagojevich's reading of Tennyson.


"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" has become famous in the Soviet Union through  a great novel by Veniamin Kaverin “Two captains” translated into many languages.  

There is an interplay of this famous quotation with the great Soviet song

Мы все добудем, поймем и откроем:
Холодный полюс и свод голубой.
Когда страна быть прикажет героем,
У нас героем становится любой.

21.11.18 Every November, around 600,000 Korean students sit the CSAT (the College Scholastic Ability Test, a gruelling, eight-hour set of university entrance exams.). The test is a college entrance examination so important it grinds the country to a halt – even stopping air traffic.


The Soviet system of entrance exams was less expensive and more effective, because it reflected in a more differentiated form the intersts of the Faculties. Nepotism and cronyism should have been dealt with more effectively, one can't help admitting. But the entrance exams were BETTER, than all these CSATs!

17.11.18 It’s funny when the English language speakers make schoolboy’s mistakes: 1) star down and stare down are different verbs; 2) entreated him not meddle - WRONG! entreated him not TO meddle - CORRECT:

"Vice president starred down Vladimir Putin at a summit in Singapore, where the U.S. says he entreated him not meddle in American elections"


Don't make people laugh: nobody is capable of staring down (not "starring down"!) Vladimir Putin.

13.11.18 There are at least two reasons for ambivalence in the sentence below: the use of the modal verb “might” that makes the allegation highly unlikely and the use of the verb “includes” that suggests the presence in the delegation of politically uncommitted observers:

"As with the last elections, held here in November 2014, there will be a team of international observers to watch over the vote. Objectivity might be a challenge, however. The delegation includes a “representative from Yemen,” who is actually a medical student from Russia; a Chilean who also fought in one of the separatists’ armies; and a citizen of Finland, who for the last few years has headed one of the separatists’ own news agencies".


11.11.18 Britains Collins dictionary has chosen 'single-use' as it's 2018 word of the year, it marks a risining awareness of the pollution problem in the world's oceans.

The EU is working on a ban on certain throwaway plastics - currently under discussion with member states a ban on items like straws could come into effect by 2021.


What a shame for the BBC to mix up its and it's. Utterly disgusting!!!

7.11.18 Today’s Russian elite has its equivalent of the noblesse d’épée and the noblesse de robe, or strongmen and bureaucrats.


The allegation may be accurate, but its French borrowings make it ambivalent:

1. Why does the author bring Russia into the cognitive space of France?

2. Does it mean that while France got rid of its medieval inequality, Russia is still entrenched in it?

3. Borrowings are usually brought into play as cultural and institutional terms. But “strongmen and bureaucrats” seem to be a more direct way of expressing the idea that against the backdrop of learned words gets misleading connotations.

4. Historical parallels may demonstrate wit and intellect, but in this case are nothing but ad hominem argument and cowardly device to hide poorly masked intentions that are a long way off history.

3.11.18 English dominates all over the globe, as everyone knows. Less people know that there is a spread of the variant of English with numerous distortions:that may be the cause of misunderstanding with native English speakers ('he walk' etc.)


1.11.18 Russisch ist die Muttersprache von 40 Prozent der Menschen, die in der Ukraine leben.


That’s wrong: Gallop Poll claims that 83% citizens of the Ukraine use Russian as their mother tongue.