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At University

Linguistic fever around the ambivalent term “pansexual” illustrates 50 shades of perverts in the Western world for whom one may find a cozy place under the generalizing epithet “queer-ass motherfucker”:

The site was designed to offer advice on different aspects of University translatology.
Here you can find information on:

  • Peculiarities of translation at the faculties of foreign languages.

  • The ideology of a professional.

  • International standards of professional competence.

  • Classical works on translation and bibliography of academic papers.

  • The list of quotations thematically arranged.translate

  • Internet resources on translatology.

  •  The format of academic papers.

  • The explanation of the basic terms of translatology: equivalence, modality, the unit of translation, the network of translation problems, transformation, metonymy, vehicular languages, directionality of translation etc.

  •  You can find here examples of translation analysis that can be used in classroom discussions and in your scholarly papers.




September 21, 2019 A piece of most damaging criticism to stylistic interpretation was launched in 1966 by Helen Vendler:

“If linguistics can add to our comprehension of literature, someone trained in linguistics should be able to point out to us, in poems we already know well, significant features we have missed because of our amateurish ignorance of the workings of language” (G. Leech. Language and Literature)

September 17, 2019 Here is one more must-read for you: 

Andresen, Julie Tetel. Carter, Phillip M. Languages In The World: How History, Culture, and Politics Shape Language.

September 13, 2019 Discourse management refers to the ability to produce extended written and spoken texts, for example conversations.

Discourse management is often a criteria in formal evaluation of spoken and written language.

In the classroom
We use a range of devices to produce effective discourse, including cohesion and coherence, paralinguistic tools, different communicative functions, and conversational principles. Some of these can be taught explicitly, for example features of cohesion and functions. Others develop through practice in managing discourse in activities such as guided and free conversation, roleplay, drama, and presentations.

Further links:


September 11, 2019 Reading social information accurately is an essential skill, and one most of us devote an immense amount of effort to practising. Indeed, wondering what’s going on inside someone else’s head is one of humanity’s greatest fascinations – alongside trying to influence it.


September 7, 2019 Excellent instruction may be possible only if schools are organized in optimal ways; if facilities, curriculum materials, and support services function adequately; and if children's home languages are taken into account in designing instruction.


August 27, 2019 The French Macron is getting used to be attacked by hate speech:

Macron qualifié de «crétin» par un ministre

L’attaque de Bolsonaro fait suite à plusieurs charges visant le président Macron. Dimanche, Abraham Weintraub, le ministre de l’Éducation, est allé jusqu’à insulter le chef de l’État français sur Twitter. «Macron n’est pas à la hauteur de ce débat (sur l’Amazonie, NDLR). C’est juste un crétin opportuniste qui cherche le soutien du lobby agricole français», a-t-il écrit évoquant l’opposition du président français à l’accord de libre-échange UE-Mercosur. D’après l’AFP, le terme «calhorda», utilisé dans le tweet, n’a pas d’équivalent français mais se trouve à la croisée de «tricheur», «crétin» et «connard». Le ministre ne s’est pas arrêté là, ajoutant: «La France est un pays d’extrêmes. Elle a produit des hommes comme Descartes ou Pasteur, mais aussi les volontaires de la Waffen SS Charlemagne».

August 23, 2019 Trump and Macron agree that Russia should be invited to next year's G7 conference, senior admin official says.


Is it true? "Each of us is a member of many Discourses and each Discourse represents one of our ever multiple identities". [James Paul Gee. Social Linguistics and Literacies] This little quotation brings forward under one umbrella at least four notions operated by modern linguistics: identity, ideology, discourse and ambivalence. This is where the interests of linguistics, psychology, cultural studies and philosophy get combined.

August 21, 2019 Подлизывается? What a punch on the nose! An example of hate speech:  Macron cosying up to Putin ahead of G7? Macron trying to break impasse says ex-minister

EMMANUEL MACRON is leading European efforts to normalise relations with an increasingly provocative Moscow, a former French foreign minister said on Sunday, ahead of key bilateral talks between the French president and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.


August 13, 2019 Non, ce n’est pas possible. I keep telling you, it can’t be done,” the airline booking agent insisted. We’d been on the phone for 20 minutes as I tried to exchange a full-fare, exchangeable plane ticket. Sitting calmly at home, my eyes took in the cliché of our Parisian apartment, complete with 19th-Century gilded mirrors and mouldings of flowers cascading from the ceiling. Over the last 18 years, I’d learned to see the beauty that surrounded me as compensation for living in a society where the default answer to almost every question, request or suggestion is a disheartening ‘non’ (no).


August 11, 2019 “It is common, especially in politics, to hear complaints that someone’s claims are based on “ideology” and not “facts”. We speak as if some people make claims based on a direct contact with the world (“the facts”) and others make them based just on their values or prejudices, things which we sum up as “ideology”.

The word “ideology” has an interesting history. This history leads us to see two things. First, “theory” is always essential to making any claim. We do not just look at the world and just see the truth. Second, people often (but not always) see the world the way they need or want to in order to sustain their desires, power, status, or influence.

The term “ideology” was first used after the French Revolution by Antoin Destutt de Tracy. In his Eléments d’idéologie (written between 1801 and 11), de Tracy proposed a new science of ideas, an idea-ology. De Tracy denied that “innate ideas” (whether from God or biology) or “established authority” (whether religion or the state) were the source of human knowledge. He argued that all the ideas in our heads come from evidence about the world we have gathered through our physical senses. What we think and how we act is due to our upbringing and environment (the experiences we have had). [Gee, 2012: 5].

August 7, 2019 The term 'hedging' is translated as хеджирование, страхование от потерь, but more and more  hedging is used in the meaning of  уклонение от прямого ответа. In "Critical Discourse Analysis" by David Machin and Andrea Mayr it is used as a  speech strategy of evading (opposite to committing).

August 3, 2019 The new cultural identity of politicians is heavily permeated with a mix of ignorance, clownship, ignorance, aggressiveness and bad manners: Trump, Macron, Zelensky and Boris Johnson - what a company of people who relish in pride and bad manners!  Their contribution to political Newspeak is yet to be addressed by the linguists, but I wonder whether the new Orwell is coming so soon after the revolutionary "1984"...

August 1, 2019 Here is a must-read:

Sorgatz, Rex. Encyclopedia of Misinformation. – New York: Abrams, 2018. – 256 p. 

A Compendium of Imitations, Spoofs, Delusions, Simulations, Counterfeits, Impostors, Illusions, Confabulations, ... Conspiracies & Miscellaneous