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Specific features of this genre.

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A pattern for writing a resume

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Important things to remember while writig business letters

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Some rules to remember while dealing with business correspondence

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The structure of business letters

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Types of business letters, component parts of business letters.

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Enlarging  the vocabulary

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Some cliches which are often used in the language of business correspondence. The expressions are explained in english (without translation). Each one is illustrated by the examples.

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Proofreading. 2. Active and Passive. 3. Tips for cover letter writing.
Assignment: Which of the three summaries would be preferable in terms of business language and why? 1. The questions of translation of the intertextual signs with the help of sociosemiotic approach are studied in the article. Brief comparative analysis of the theoretical concepts is given here. The statement, that the culture is intertextual, so the translation (in the broad sense of this word) is the constant indication of relations between texts, as in the limits of single culture, and in bicultural communication, is basic one in this article. The necessity of application of the new approach to the translation of literary text, which would take into consideration not only semiotic, but also extralinguistic factors in the process of translation, is underlined in this article. 2. The report deals with the phenomenon of translationese. This phenomenon is shown to be overlapping with such things as pidgins, the language of political correctness and officialese, but having quite distinct features in its own right. When confronted with translationese a translator must determine his strategy by applying the criterion of the level of authority of the text. The higher the authority of the text is, the more constraints are imposed upon the creative process and the less options are open to a translator who is led in this way to invade the target text with hybrid forms. 3. The article is devoted to the investigation of those linguistic units which form the so called global stylistic context of newspaper English. These units are singled out on the basis of five style–organizing factors: informational preferences, tabloidization, bellicose modality, dramatization, economizing of the reader’s efforts. Some of the techniques are traced down to the universal principles of rhetoric underlying all spheres of human communication. Some of them are shown as the stock-in-trade of newspaper English.
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Lecture 3. Improvement as the strategy of translation of business letters
1. Text, register, genre and discourse as categories of translatology.
 2. Letter formats.
 3. The component parts of a business letter.
 4. Adaptation and hybridization as the strategies of translation. 
What do you know about the strategy of translation of business letters? What experience with business correspondence did you have? What business letters are of primary necessity to you? What letters fall out of range of the term of ‘business’ on the following site:
 http://www.bestsampleresume.com/letters/breakup-letter.html What terms related to the description of business letters have you mastered?
1. Sample Business Letters
2. Letter formats.
3. Letter styles.
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