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Контрольная 2
23.11.2009, 13:16
Control paper

1. Assignment (5 points)
1. Make a circle over the right letter.  
1. But tonight the signs were that Berlusconi does not intend calling demonstrations, let alone a snap election. "The government will carry on calmly, unconcernedly and with more grit even than before," he vowed.
What aroused the suspicion of a snap election:
a) The PM has been accused of taking bribes;
b) the PM has been womanizing;
c) the PM has been stripped of political immunuty;
d) the PM has a low popularity rating.

2. David Cameron today used what may be his final party conference speech before becoming Britain's 53rd prime minister to say he would use power to tear down Labour's big government, replacing it with a stronger society that nourishes personal responsibility, strong families and community.
 Cameron is the leader of:
a) the Tories;
b) the Liberals;
c) the Labourists;
d) the Nationalists.

3. … dark romantic writer and poet credited with inventing the genre of detective fiction, enjoyed a death far more Gothic and gloomy than any of his stories. It began badly when he was found, aged 40, wandering the streets of Baltimore, penniless, raving unintelligibly, dressed in someone else's clothes, possibly having been beaten up. He died four days later, on October 7 1849, in hospital, having uttered the final words: "Lord, help my poor soul."
What is the name of this writer:
a) Conan Doyle;
b) Rudyard Kipling;
c) Edgar Allan Poe;
d) Irwin Shaw.

4. Polish President Lech Kaczynski is expected to sign the European Union's Lisbon Treaty on Saturday.
The Lisbon Treaty is meant to:
a) to streamline decision-making;
b) to give a boost to bail-outs;
c) to resist the influx of immigrants;
d) to deploy missiles in Poland.

5. Turkey and Armenia are preparing to sign a historic agreement normalizing relations between them after a century of hostility.
What is the cause of hostility:
a) the economic downturn;
b) the Russian troops in South Osetia;
c) genocide;
d) immigrants.

2. Assignment (5 points)
1. Match the right capital to the name of the country. 
An example: Lisbon is the capital of Belgium. - Portugal.
a) Myanmar is the capital of Uganda;
b) Kabul is the capital of Iran;
c) Belgrade is the capital of Slovakia;
d) Canberra is the capital of New Zealand;
e) Budapest is the capital of Romania;
f) Kampala is the capital of Burma;
g) Bratislava is the capital of Serbia;
h) Teheran is the capital of Afghanistan;
i) Wellington is the capital of Australia;
j) Bucharest is the capital of Hungary.

3. Assignment (5 points)
Make a circle over the right letter. 
a) The Colonel was in love with Julia;
b) Jimmie was a brilliant actor;
c) Michael didn’t put a brave face on his performance in the USA;
d) Julia was bitterly disappointed with Michael;
e) Michael didn’t want anything to fall back on;
f) Michael couldn’t adopt a military bearing;
g) Michael was as thin as a rail;
i) Julia wanted to make bricks without straw;
k) Jimmie advised Julia to make Michael a bit tight;
l) Michael was an awful flop in Argentina.

4. Assignment (5 points)
Translate into your native language.
1. What you need in this company is an aggressive downright honest planning.
2. A high-profile murder has hit Moscow.
3. The landslide victory is suspicious.
4. The hit man missed the target.
5. The trade-off was rejected.
6. The incumbent PM has resigned.
7. The new PM will crack down on nepotism and cronyism.
8. The Iranian delegation was keeping a low profile in the talks.
9. The snap election will kickstart n October.
10. A downturn can trigger off mutiny.
5. Assignment (2, 5 points)
Give an example of:
1. Litotes;
2. Animism;
3. Professionalism;
4. Past Perfect as a means of emphasis;
5. Military metaphor.

6. Assignment (2, 5 points)
Moscow News English is:
1. Unidiomatic English;
2. Double negation;
3. Animism;
4. English used in Moscow;
5. Vulgar English.

7. Assignment (5 points)
Translate into your native language.
1. They all called me a tight wad.
2. … his observation had taken a weight off her mind.
3. … having had exactly the bedroom that pleased her in the old house in Regent's Park which they had occupied since the end of the war she brought it over bodily.
4. Michael breaking out of a brown study, said No thank you.
5. …if you set your mind to it.
6. I dragged that out of him all right.
7. …just see them posing when they think the camera-man's got his eye on them.
8. It was getting on for Easter.
9. I asked them if they were going to exercise their option.
10. Lord, what fools these mortals be.

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