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Контрольная 11 (тест)
24.11.2009, 10:56
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On a blank sheet of paper arrange your answers like this: 1 - D, 2 - A, etc.

1. "Guide students away from words of low frequency” is a quotation from:
a. Language Activator;
b. Macmillan;
c. David Crystal;
d. Geoffrey Leech.
2. The most detailed treatment to register peculiarities of translation is given by:
a. T. A. Kasakova;
b. V. N Komissarov; 
c. I. S. Alekseyeva;
d. V. S. Vinogradov.
3. Supreme authority on cross cultural communication is:
a. I. V. Korunets;
b. G. E. Miram;
c. A. Wierzbicka;
d. R. Campbell.
4. "Moscow News English” is a concept used to characterise:
a. Ungrammatical English;
b. Poor pronunciation;
c. Unidiomatic English;
d. Attempts at translating the untranslatable.
5. What does the list of statements compiled by T. Savory and starting with "translation must convey the words of the original; translation must convey the thoughts of the original…” illustrate?
a. Requests to translation;
b. Requests of the Principal;
c. W. von Humboldt’s paradox;
d. The theory of untranslatability.
6. The innovative character of Oxford Dictionary of 1998 consists in focusing on:
a. Neologisms;
b. Ludic units;
c. Dialect;
d. Slang.
7. John Dryden is famous for his theory of:
a. Philological circle;
b. Linguistic functions;
c. Model of translation;
d. Paraphrase.
8. Presupposition is especially involved with:
a. Technical documentation;
b. Fiction;
c. Business contracts;
d. Editorials.
9. Different linguistic pictures of the world are based on the phenomenon of:
a. Linguistic redunduncy;
b. Arbitrariness of the linguistic sign;
c. Polysemy;
d. Metonymy.
10. Kasakova’s contribution to the list of technical devices of translation is that of:
a. Emphatization;
b. Transposition;
c. Fragmentation;
d. Integration.

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