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Вопросы к экзамену по стилистике
25.11.2009, 11:15
Examination questions

1. Comparative analysis of grammar of the SL and the RL.
2. Comparative analysis of vocabulary of the SL and the RS.
3. Comparative analysis of cultural stereotypes as they appear in proverbs and other autosemantic utterances in the SL and the RL.
4. Comparative analysis of stylistic norms in different registers and functional styles of the SL and the RL.
5. Comparative analysis of actual segmentation in the SL and the RL.
6. Modern stylistics: Charles Bally and Leo Spitzer. Stylistics of decoding and "New Stylistics”. 
7. I. V. Arnold’s classification of foregrounding: coupling, convergence, strong position, defeated expectancy, thematic net. The difference between the notion of foregrounding and that of stylistic device.
8. Stylistic meaning and the problem of segmenting stylistic information. Foregrounding, connotations, tropes and figures of speech as vehicles of stylistic information: different approaches. 
9. The problem of classification of stylistic devices in I. R. Galperin’s and Y. M. Screbnev’s works. Linguistic and stylistic categories: J. Leech’s approach.
10. Stylistic context and other types of context (linguistic, situational, cultural). Michael Riffatterre’s contribution. 
11. 5-w-and-h and the problem of choosing "salient features” of style.
12. R. Jakobson’s theory of linguistic functions and new ideas: David Crystal and the ludic function of the language. 
13. The theory of the image: limitations imposed upon poetic creativity.
14. Functional styles and the problem of their classification.
15. The FS of Belles-Lettres.
16. Newspaper English.
17. Business English.
18. Scientific prose style.
19. Colloquial style.
20. Stylistic classification of vocabulary.
21. The ground-breaking discovery of the Activator
22. Stylistic trends in the development of modern English: globalization of English.
23. Rendering stylistic meanings from English into Russian: at least three translemes to be illustrated (for example, metaphor, pun, epithet). 

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