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Feedback to 'Seven Days in May" (with keys)
10.01.2010, 17:21
1. The US President’s out of town residence is: A) Los Alamos; B) Fort Bragg; C) Camp David; D) Atlanta. 2. "… permanently slouched, wore a perpetual hint of a yawn around his mouth”(31). The missing name is that of: A) Colonel Broderick; B) Millicent Segnier; C) Dorsey Hough; D) Marge. 3. "… oozed the self-assurance, that comes with years of power, unencumbered by responsibility, as a Congressional committee chairman. He could attack, second-guess, investigate and chide with never a fear of being proved wrong, for the making and executing of policy was someone else’s job (46).” The missing name is that of: A) Paul Girard; B) Senator Prentice; C) Harold MacPherson; D) General Scott. 4. Trimmer was: A) an Irish setter; B) a Doberman pinscher; C) a Greyhound; D) a Great Dane. 5. The only member of the Joint Chiefs who was not present at the before the appointed All Red was: A) Admiral Palmer; B) General Dieffenbach; C) General Hardesty; D) General Riley. 6. "The baby was all in one piece, with the right number of everything, and nicely wrinkled.” (126) The baby is: A) a Polaris missile; B) Lyman’s granddaughter; C) a car rented by Clarke; D) an aircraft-carrier. 7. The only thing that went right with the last All Red was: A) that as the result of it the Soviets decided to negotiate a deal; B) the performance of the Navy; C) the Air Force actions; D) communications. 8. The Marines in the Joint Chiefs were represented by: A) General Hardesty; B) General Riley; C) General Scott; D) General Rutkowsky. 9. "In Georgia I’m a country boy trying to keep Sherman from coming back. In Washington I am a graduate of the Harvard Law School engaged in the practice of political science and high statesmanship.” (61) Whose words are these? A) Henderson’s; B) Lyman’s; C) Todd’s; D) Clarke’s. 10. "They had fallen out the first time they had seen each other, in the officers’ club at the Norfolk Naval Base… (74) Who were they? A) Casey and Broderick; B) Casey and Marge; C) Lyman and Doris; D) Millicent and Scott. 11. "She was the woman who liked to speak wistfully of a cottage in the country, but who lived in perfect rhythm with the staccato tempo of New York. (178) The woman worked: A) a fashion editor of a magazine called Cherie; B) a television script writer; C) a model; D) Lyman’s secretary.
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