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Text 9. Sheldon, Sidney. The Stars Shine Down.
22.11.2009, 20:23
Sheldon, Sidney. The Stars Shine Down. – New York: Warner Books, 1993. – 398 p. 
The art of leadership

P. 11 – 15.

Kathy, Lara’s executive assistant, came into the office. She was an attractive, neatly dressed woman in her early thirties.
"Did you find out what he likes to eat?”
"The man’s a gourmet. He likes French food. I called Le Cirque and asked Sirio to cater a lunch here for two.”
"Good. We’ll eat in my private dining room.”
"Do you know how long the interview will take? You have a two-thirty with the Metropolian bankers downtown.”
"Push it to three o’clock, and have them come here.”
Kathy made a note. "Do you want me to read you your messages?”
"Go ahead.”
"The Children’s Foundation wants you to be their guest of honor on twenty-eighth.”
"No. Tell them I’m flattered. Send them a check.”
"Your meeting has been arranged in Tulsa for Tuesday at…”
"Cancel it.”
"You’re invited to a luncheon next Friday for a Manhattan Women’s Group.”
"No. If they’re asking for money, send them a check.”
"The Coalition for Literacy would like you to speak at a luncheon on the fourth.”
"See if we can work it out.”
"There’s an invitation to be guest of honor at a fund raiser for muscular dystrophy, but there’s a conflict in dates. You’ll be in San Francisco.”
"Send them a check.”
"The Srbs are giving a dinner party next Saturday.”
"I’ll try to make that,” Lara said Kristian and Deborah Srb were amusing, and good friends, And she enjoyed being with them.
"Kathy, how many of me do you see?”
"Take a good look.”
Kathy looked at her. "One of you, Miss Cameron.”
"That’s right. There’s only one of me. How did you expect me to meet with the bankers from Metropolian at two-thirty today, the City Planning Commission at four, then meet with the mayor at five, the architects at six-fifteen, the Housing Department at six-thirty, have a cocktail party at seven-thirty and my birthday dinner at eight? The next time you make up a schedule, try using your brain.”
"I’m sorry. You wanted me to…”
"I wanted you to think. I don’t need stupid people around me. Reschedule the appointments with the architects and the Housing Department.”
"Right,” Kathy said stiffly.
"How’s the baby?”
The question caught the secretary by surprise. "David? He’s… he’s fine.”
"He must be getting big by now.”
"He’s almost two.”
"Have you thought about a school for him?”
"Not yet. It’s early to…”
"You’re wrong. If you want to get him into decent school in New York, you start before he’s born.”
Lara made a note on a desk pad. "I know the principal at Dalton. I’ll arrange to have David registered there.”
"I … thank you.”
Lara did not bother to look up. "That’s all.”
"Yes, ma’am.” Kathy walked out of the office not knowing whether to love her boss or hate her.
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