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The language of advertising (the main points of the lecture)
01.12.2009, 21:49
Lecture 4
The language of advertising

Here are some methods used in persuasive advertising:

1)Repetition: the simplest kind of advertising. A slogan is repeated so often that we begin to associate a brand name with a particular product or service.
2)Endorsement: a popular personality is used in the advertising.
3)Emotional appeal: advertising often appeals to basics such as mother-love, sex, manliness, femininity.
4)Scientific authority: sometimes the advert shows a person in a white coat (i.e. a scientist) telling us about the product. More often it mentions "miracle ingredients” or "scientific testing” to persuade us.
5)”Keeping up with the Jones’s”: an appeal to pure snob value. You want to appear to be richer or more successful than your neighbors.
6)Comparison: the advert lists the qualities of the product in direct comparison with rival products.
7)An appeal to fear or anxiety: this type is similar to 3, but works on our fears.
8)Association of ideas: this is usually visual. Until it became illegal in Britain, cigarette advertising showed attractive healthy people smoking in beautiful rural situations.
9)Information: if a product is new it may be enough to show it and explain what it does.
10)Special offers, free gifts: this is a very simple and direct appeal – its half price!
11)Anti-advertising: this is a modern version which appeals to the British sense of humor. It makes fun of the techniques of advertising.

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