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11.01.2018, 12:36

27.10.17 An American journalist applies neatly the verb "muddle through" to Ukrainian policy in the break-away region of Donbass:

muddling through is an essential skill in running a front-line nation.


умение «выкарабкиваться» — это крайне важный навык, необходимый для управления государством, которое находится на линии фронта.

muddle through кое-как, с грехом пополам довести дело до конца The British usually muddle through somehow. — Англичане каким-то образом всегда доводят дело до конца.

muddle through cope more or less satisfactorily despite lack of expertise, planning, or equipment we don't have an ultimate ambition; we just muddle through

23.10.17 In Germany, the word Mahlzeit (Mall-zayt; a composite of the German words for ‘meal’ and ‘time’) is a standard, yet baffling workplace greeting. And since language creates worlds, the proliferation of Mahlzeit can also reveal a great deal about German working culture.  Linguistically, it is easily translatable, culturally it is untranslatable. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20171022-what-the-german-language-reveals-about-attitudes-to-work

21.10.17 The Russion translation of a fundamental work by an AustrianErich Prunc can be found here:


17.10.17 The redundant 'not' in English sometimes catches unawares even experienced interpreters. However, in informal spoken English a negative verb has no negative meaning and is regularly used after expressions of doubt or uncertainty:

I shouldn't be surprised if they didn't get married soon = I shouldn't be surprised if they got married soon.

13.10.17 Christian Lindner: Germany should accept Crimean annexation as 'permanent provisional solution'.

The oxymoron «перманентно временное» состояние Крыма implies the new strategy of the West towards the delicate question of the Crimea: to refrain from futile and impotent remarks about the so called annexation while concentrating on the restoration of economic ties with Russia.

11.10.17 The theory of translation cannot help bracing itself up before the numerous examples of the despicable translation practice known as "dethroning of the original" (called sometimes the tradition of les belles infidèlеs). The Ukrainian translation of the famous "Taras Bulba" by Nikolay Gogol is a glaring example of it.  The translator seems to hate the lexeme Russian so much that he tries to improve Gogol every time the great author is using the name. Translations into English and French pusue the principles of equivalence and integrity:

Russian: козачество -  широкая, разгульная замашка русской природы

Ukrainian:: козацтво — цей широкий гуляцький заміс української натури

English: the Cossack state was instituted — a free, wild outbreak of Russian nature

French: et où surgit la Cosaquerie, ce penchant généreux et débridé de la nature russe

A more detailed treatment may be found here 

7.10.17 Authoritative texts are always supposed to mean more than theysay. Trump seems to have established a pattern here. 

Trump declines to explain 'calm before the storm' remark. 

Leon Panetta, a former Defense secretary and CIA director, said Trump’s remarks would be something “you’d really worry about” under a previous U.S. president. But he said Trump’s comments appeared to follow a pattern he’d established on Twitter.

“You begin to assume that it’s more about getting attention than it is about proclaiming some kind of national policy. I don’t think it’s responsible...but I think in this instance we probably all should take a deep breath and try to assume he’s just making a play for attention,” Panetta told CNN.


3.10.17  In Crimea, Russian Land Grab Feeds Cries of ‘Carpetbaggers!’

Конфискация земель в Крыму вызывает недовольство действиями «пришлых варягов». The translation contains a tautology because If you call someone a carpetbagger, you disapprove of them because they are trying to become a politician in an area which is not their home, simply because they think they are more likely to succeed there.

1.10.17 CNN’s original, high-impact reporting. Its mission statement — “Seek truth. Break news. Hold the powerful accountable” в начале года ее назвали авангардом настоящей и влиятельной журналистики CNN. Заявление о миссии этого журналистского коллектива звучало так: «Ищи правду. Рассказывай новости первым. Призывай власть имущих к ответу».

Today the proud slogan is hard to put into execution in the USA intolerable to dissent and anything that doesn't spell establishment.



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