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February 2018
11.04.2018, 09:53

23.02.18 A ride or die chick is eternally devoted to her partner and his life choices, no matter what those might be. The term derived from rap music in the 1990s, and it’s often used to refer to African-American women and gangster culture, although not exclusively. But this is only part of its meaning. Look for its more detailed treatment at https://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Ride-or-Die-Chick

21.02.18 The exact meaning of philotimo is hotly debated, given that the word belongs to the pantheon of Greek lexical items that defy easy explanation. ‘Love of honour’, its official translation, is a utilitarian yet insufficient attempt to convey the constellation of virtues squeezed into the word’s four syllables. When I asked various Greeks about their own perception of philotimo, I received very different responses.

“Doing the right thing,” Pinelopi Kalafati, a doctor, told me. “Loving and honouring God and your society,” said priest Nikolas Papanikolaou. "Striving for perfection,” answered actor Kostis Thomopoulos. “Stepping out from your comfort zone to help someone in need,” suggested Tatiana Papadopoulou, a volunteer in Malakasa detention camp for refugees.


17.02.18 Mansplaining is defined as explaining something "needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, especially to a woman, in a manner thought to reveal a patronising or chauvinistic attitude". Mansplaining, ransomware and hangry are among more than 1,000 words that have been added to the latest Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Also included are initialisms used on the online parenting forum Mumsnet such as TTC - meaning trying to conceive. The dictionary consults experts to determine what should be added to its 829,000 words. The OED is updated four times a year with the next update due in April 2018.


13.02.18 The stories that make the news are cognitive frames that define the English language discourse.

According to Robin Lakoff among the stories that make the news in the American mass media there are 15 to follow:

1. The fight over Political Correctness

2. The Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas hearings

3. The David Mamet play Oleanna

4. The role of Hillary Rodham Clinton

5. The Bobbit contretemps

6. The Nancy Kerrigan – Tonya Harding faceoff

7. The O. J. Simpson saga

8. Adultary in high places

9. Sexual misconduct in the military

11. The Ebonics controversy

12. The fight to make English the “official” language of the United States

13. The death of Princess Diana

14. The “Cambridge Nanny” case

15. Sex (or whatever) in the Oval Office

11.02.18 Every translator must give a very close look at what stands behind this quotation from Lakoff's book:

"The scholar attempts to identify all latent as well as patent understandings, eventually discarding those that are unlikely in the context and / or disputed by the original participants. But we should never flatter ourselves that we have created the complete or ideal interpretation of anything. Our work is partial and provisional. But it’s good enough"  [Lakoff, 2001: 13 - 14].

7.02.18 Adultury in high places is defined by Robin Lakoff  (Lakoff, Robin Tolmach. The Language War)  as a cognitive scenario of the English language discourse that  makes the story behind "the blue dress" part of the American mind-set. Anyone who tries to translate from English must take a look at the cultural idiosycracies of the English language discourse:

Lakoff, Robin Tolmach. The Language War. - Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2001. – 322 p.

3.02.18 The importance of political agenda behind such a cultural term as "the blue dress" is singled out as a great challenge to a translator by Peter Newmark, Lynn Visson and other prominent scholars. What is a huge obstacle to the raising of translators in Universities is hatred towards the political agenda on the part of girl-students constituting the majority of studentship at the Faculties of Foreign Languages.

1.02.18 Stylistically loaded with connotations, cultural and institutional terms are dismissed as informational 'noises' by people who got accustomed to a set of different cultural cognates. The story of "the blue dress" is an American story that is sure to trigger off cultural dissonance in a foreigner:

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