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5.02.16 - 27.02.16
17.04.2016, 08:59

27.02.16 Translating a euphemistic unit may be an easy task in itself. There is no problem in establishing a correspondence between the underlined units in the following example (since word-for-word strategy may be used):

The most daring attempt at “regime change” since righteous Clintonians invented this self-deceiving euphemism in the 1990s has come to six-figure casualties, mass deprivation,  a divided nation and a wrecked economy. http://www.salon.com/2016/02/23/this_is_how_we_spooked_putin_what_the_new_york_times_wont_tell_you_about_the_american_adventure_in_ukraine/

Самая лихая попытка «смены режима» со времен изобретения этого эвфемизма клинтоновской командой в 1990-е годы привела к многотысячным жертвам, к массовым лишениям, к расколу страны и к экономической разрухе.http://inosmi.ru/politic/20160226/235537641.html

However, the definition of it as a piece of euphemism is highly important for building predictions about the frame of mind (intentions or modality) of the original. It is clear thet whithin the cognitive scenario offered by the article another correspondence is susceptible to criticism:

The short of it, readers, is that all three chickens now take up their roosts at once: The Poroshenko government is on the brink of collapse, neo-Nazi extremists have forced it to renew hostilities in the east and there is no letup in the blockade Kiev imposes on rebelling regions. The last differs from a punitive starvation strategy only in degree.

Короче говоря, дорогой читатель, теперь мы пожинаем плоды — все и сразу. Правительство Порошенко на грани краха, неонацистские экстремисты заставили его возобновить боевые действия на востоке, а в той блокаде, которую Киев ввел против восставших регионов, нет никаких послаблений. Эта блокада лишь немногим отличается от карательной стратегии голодомора.

23.02.16 Congratulations to all those who keep on celebrating the 23d of February! "Hurrah!" To the legendary and the invincible! 

20.02.16 "America is now stuck in the role of mediating Ukraine’s squabbling political factions. It is a Sisyphean task, and is not making the region any safer". http://wilsonquarterly.com/quarterly/the-post-obama-world/will-u-s-ukraine-relations-survive-the-obama-years/

You can't put it better! Look at the translation correspondence:

В настоящий момент ситуация становится еще хуже также потому, что Америка теперь вынуждена выступать в роли посредника в склоках украинских политических фракций. Это сизифов труд, и большей безопасности региону не добавляет.

19.02.16 If you don't know the O. J. case you can hardly claim decent knowledge of American culture:

"The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story – predicts much of TV history for the next two-decades-plus".  Read more about it here:


One of the linguistic contributions of the case was the appearance of the neologism "momager":

1)  a parent who pushes their child or children into show business at the risk of their mental and physical health and without any regard to their social development or privacy, e.g. Kris Jenner, Rose Hovick, June "Mama June" Shannon
Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has filed documents to trademark the word “momager.” 

2)  A manager that is your mom

3)  a teen actor or singer's manager who is also their mother

Lohan also appeared on Healthy Kids, a children's health show, along with Dina Lohan, her mother and business manager or Momager. 
4)  Mom who is managing her family and life in a loving way.
Momagers lead their family in a loving and sane way. 

13.02.16  Today one of my old friends, Alexander Terenin, the Russian linguist and old-timer of the Faculty of foreign languages (he lives and works in Yelabuga, Russia) celebrates his birthday. Many happy returns of the Day, Sanya! 

Millions of friendships and relatives preserve the unity of Russia and Ukraine against the encroachments of war-mongering rascals. I have many friends in the republics of the former USSR. My Russian relatives live in Yelabuga, Naberezhniye Chelny, Penza, St. Petersburg and Severomorsk. Sooner or later honest and adequate people will replace the present bunch of crooks in Kiev and peace will eventually prevail.

11.02.16 A piece of British humour:

The BBC has announced that there will be no punishment for popular weather presenter Carol Kirkwood’s use of the phrase ‘cold as fuck“ because "after investigation we have discovered that on the North York Moors on Friday morning, it was indeed cold as fuck.”


8.02.16 Speaking at the UN in December Putin criticized Western partners by asking them an ironical question:

Так и хочется спросить тех, кто создал такую ситуацию: "Вы хоть понимаете теперь, что вы натворили?"


The salt of irony evaporates in the  English translation that failed to produce some stylistic compensation for хоть and натворили:

I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation, do you realize now what you've done?


The neutral what you've done? Instead of the expressive что вы натворили? illustrates the unhappy use of the translation device of neutralization. This lack of faithfulness to the original is castigated in translatology as the strategy of les belles infidèles.

At the same time, stylistic resources of English offer quite a variety of choices that help retain the irony of the original:

… what a mess you have made!

… you’ve really messed up!

… you’ve mishandled the situation!

… that you’ve upset an applecart!

… you’ve disorganized  (disrupted, destroyed, broken up) the arrangement (the system, the established order of things)

5.02.16  A very interesting observation:

Luxembourgers are the multilingual champions of the EU while the Irish, Bulgarians, Austrians and Hungarians are among the worst, latest official data has revealed.

All students at lower secondary school level in landlocked Luxembourg are learning two or more ‘foreign’ languages, according to Eurostat figures.

Four-fifths or more of language pupils at the same level in Ireland, Bulgaria, Austria and Hungary are studying just one additional tongue.


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