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3.09.13 - 16. 10. 13
16.04.2014, 18:31

14.10.13  On the 15th of October I expect you to zero in on Moscow riots.  The attendance rate of group 402 is inexcusable. When you put your mind to mending your fences it is going to be too late!

13.10.13 My dear desciples! Let me repeat:treat R. Jakobson's article with utmost care. You have used too many generalities and empty words about translation in your comments. You have failed to explain the principle of universal translatability in terms of its reasons. How do we break through the cognitive barrier between the languages? No one has mentioned why the article is called so. That's a disastrous performance, kids! I do advise you to reread the article.
8.10.13  My dear desciples! Treat R. Jakobson's article with utmost care. It is not such an easy ride as "A Millionth Word"! Please, be ready to show me your vocabulary folders.
7.10.13  Folks! You really must do something with your grammar: more than 50% of your sentences do not measure up to standards! In September only Oksana Nikolenko showed progress in unsupervised work. Besides, I am worried about the attendance rate of group 402. You could have at least done something on-line 

3.10.13  Dear kids! Look into the inventory of new words in "Learning English" on bbc.co.uk!
1.10.13 Please, look into updates from Italy. Be ready to enumerate 10 headlines for to-day.

24.09.13 Please, look into updates from Kenya. I'll be interested in both: vocabulary and facts.

23.09.13  All of those who attended the class are going to reap the benefits: you have understood the idea. As far as grammar and style are concerned, I can mention two students who more or less have measured up: A. Starshekov (401) and O. Nikolenko (402). 

17.09.13 Pay special attention to news about the Washington carnage and Merkel's election campaign. 
13.09. 13 Dear disciples! If you understand the essence of mistakes of red-marked units, you did your home work. If not, I am ready to help. Everybody understood the scandalous character of the book, and some of you have made very far-reaching comments: Yulia Ovcharova, Nikonov Igor and Yulia Vinnik. Still, the most scandalous thing is not the book itself, but the absence of any official reaction to it.

11.09.13 Dear kids! How am I supposed to assess your entries if you appear in the commentaries under your nicknames? Besides, neither of you has mentioned Rudenko's article that seems to be more amazing than the scandalous book. Please, take into account the following point: if you have not met the deadline you have lost in your achievement rating. No "tomorrows" - that must be your slogan!
3.09.13 Дорогие студенты 4-го курса! Поздравляю все с началом нового учебного года. Чтобы яснее представлять себе требования, прошу ознакомиться с формой отчёта в каталоге файлов УМКД. Прошу также зарегистрироваться на сайте через свой адрес в электронной почте gmail.com При подведении итогов самостоятельной работы будут учитываться ваши добавления в категории "Параллельные тексты", "Забавные переводческие истории", "Конкурс переводов" и др.


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