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2.07.17 - 31.07.17
13.09.2017, 11:50

31.07.17 The translator feels at his best when he has a large stock of variant correspondences within easy reach. Tha is the case with  the abstract noun “insolence” in the example below:

On Thursday, Vladimir Putin said a Russian response to the new wave of sanctions was inevitable. “We are behaving in a very restrained and patient way, but at some moment we will need to respond ... It’s impossible to endlessly tolerate this kind of insolence towards our country.”


В четверг Владимир Путин заявил, что российский ответ на новую волну санкций неизбежен. «Мы, как вы знаете, ведем себя очень сдержанно, терпеливо, но в какой-то момент нам придется отвечать,… потому что невозможно бесконечно терпеть хамство в отношении нашей страны».

insolence  - оскорбительное высокомерие, презрение, дерзость, наглость, нахальство

27.07.17 Take notice of Will Kymlicka's book "Politics in the Vernacular" (2001) The rallying cry of the book: "Minority rights must be seen in the context of state nation-building".

23.07.17 Slips of the tongue in speech cause many unpleasant moments for interpreters, while mistakes in writing are much less frequent and easier dealt with. However it takes some time for students of English to be ready for mistakes to be identified and corrected.  

A Saudi woman who sparked outrage in after sharing a video of herself wearing a miniskirt has been arrested, according to local media.


17.07.17 Dan Kovalik.The Plot to Scapegoat Russia


Kovalik presents a persuasive case that the demonization of Russia and Putin is being used to justify war and more conflict with ever increasing military budget.

13.07.17 Sometimes English mass media commit striking grammatical mistakes:

The EU wants an agreement on how the “Brexit bill” to be reached before launching talks on a free trade. 


Two variants are possible:

1) The EU wants an agreement on the “Brexit bill” to be reached before launching talks on a free trade.

2) The EU wants an agreement on how the “Brexit bill” is to be reached before launching talks on a free trade.  

11.07.17  New Yorkers — now convinced like Kievans that Putin is behind all their problems — have bought into the idea that the Russians manipulated the elections in Trump’s favor and the president is now in hock to the Kremlin’s wily leader. His actions during the next four years will only be a manifestation of Putin’s supreme will.


Ньюйоркцы — сегодня они, как и киевляне, убеждены в том, что Путин стоит за всеми их проблемами — поверили в идею о том, что русские повлияли на исход выборов в пользу Трампа, и что теперь американский президент в долгу перед коварным кремлевским лидером. А его действия в течение ближайших четырех лет будут всего лишь проявлением верховной воли Путина.

have bought into the idea - купились на идею is better because it emphasyzes the absurdity of the situation (the connotations of the original must be retained!)

7.07.17 The brilliant short story by the great Austrian writer Stefan Zweig  “Die Weltminute von Waterloo” (The World Minute of Waterloo) leaves a lasting impression about one of the most crucial events of the world’s history: Napoleon's defeat at the battle of Waterloo. The chef d'oeuvre is not included into school programmes (compiled by people of modest intelligence and competence), let alone the peculiarities of its translation.

The Russian translation of the story is a brilliant example of the translator’s decision: «Невозвратимое мгновение».

The omission of  Ватерлоо and the addition of the epithet невозвратимое makes the title more mysterious and dramatic in comparison with the original. The result is that of emphatization and, what seems more significant, the translation measures up to the stylistic norms of the Russian prose and makes it sound natural. The battle of Waterloo is known to the Germans as “Schlacht bei Belle-Alliance” and to the French as „Bataille de Waterloo“ or  „Bataille de Mont-Saint-Jean“.

Belle-Alliance (прекрасный союз) is the name of a former hotel where Napoleon had his last  headquarters.

Mont-Saint-Jean is a hamlet located in the province of Walloon Brabant, Belgium, south of Waterloo.

2.07.17 For some reason the Server has not functioned for several days. 

Funny "political correctness" that has turned tolerance into a meaningless word. An example of "hate speech" that masks itself behind the image of a crusader fighting against "sexism" can be found at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40466301

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