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23.03.13 - 4.04.14
04.04.2014, 10:50


4.04.14 Some linguistic units prove to be resistant to translation. It takes deverbalization and interpretation efforts to produce a 'dynamic equivalent' (Eugene Nida's term) that in its linguistic form has very little or nothing to do with the original. An example: "Some like it hot" is the title of a famous American film. The title got a complete linguistic rearrangement (целостное преобразование) in Russian: "В джазе только девушки". This dynamic equivalence was partially inspired by one of the meanings of 'hot', partially by the tenor of the title and partially by the plot of the film.

1.04.14 Have you noticed that nowadays there are too many scientific degrees and too many people who own them. While everyone knows that in humanities not until 50 can you hope to command enough knowledge to be a Professor, you will hardly make a step in Ukraine without bumping into green youth sporting proudly diplomas of "Professors". Think about the article published here: http://novorossiya.info/publicism/802-hutoryanskoe-protiv-imperskogo.html

28.03.14 The device of compensation is often resorted to in order to retain the same tenor. Today Euronews opens with:  NATO has been thumping its chest at Moscow to counter fears in Kyiv that Russia’s appetite for fresh territory might be bigger than Crimea. В то время как Украина опасается, что Москва может не остановиться на возвращении Крыма, НАТО решило поддержать Киев,показав зубы. If you compare the units marked out in red you will see that informal connotations are the same though the effect has been achieved with the help of different grammatical and lexical means. 

27.03.14 Mark Almond (a British author, and a lecturer in Modern History at Oriel College, Oxford.) about the EU hypocrites: "The EU is a great believer of minority rights, except when these minorities aren’t fully paid up supporters of its crowd on the streets of central Kiev".


26.03.14 Look at the quotation from the BBC: "the activities of Right Sector and other Ukrainian nationalist groups pose a threat to the large Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin gave that as one of his reasons for intervening in Crimea".

The words marked out in red illustrate the phenomenon of faux amis. Similar in form and having both common and different meanings in the source language and in the target language (the difference emerges in the following correspondence: pose - представлять собой, являться) "false friends" prove to be a hard nut to crack.


25.03.14 To find natural equivalents (do not mix them up with lexicographic equivalents!) while translating informal speech is a very difficult thing, that is next to impossible in simultaneous interpretation. Here is a piece of the rhetoric of the "patriots"  (impressive, I should say!):   http://www.youtube.com/embed/ROjNqkQmcsE

24.03.14 The BBC says,"The Kremlin said it had acted to protect its "compatriots" in Crimea from "fascists" moving in from the mainland Ukraine" .By quotation marks ( "compatriots" and "fascists") the BBC seems to put doubts on the existence of the former and the latter. But they do exist, and the BBC overlooks the fact that nationalist, xenophobic and antisemitic forces that came to power after the unconstitutional overthrow of Yanukovitch had already cracked down on the Russian-speaking part of the Ukraine. It is logical for it to look for protection in Russia.

17.03.14 We are witnessing the event of great historical significance: the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. I had no doubts about the result of the referendum and my sympathies are on the side of the Crimeans. I raised a glass of liquor to celebrate the occasion.

As for the split between the East and the West of the Ukraine, it is not Russia that is a guilty party. Let me quote Steven Cohen in "The Nation":

"The now exceedingly dangerous confrontation between the two Ukraines was not "ignited,” as the Times claims, by Yanukovych’s duplicitous negotiating—or by Putin—but by the EU’s reckless ultimatum, in November, that the democratically elected president of a profoundly divided country choose between Europe and Russia. Putin’s proposal for a tripartite arrangement, rarely if ever reported, was flatly rejected by US and EU officials".


15.03.14 This is an article worth reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/14/opinion/getting-ukraine-wrong.html?_r=0


14.03.14 Many student essays and term papers can be charaterized as slapdash. It is a very useful epithet accumulating a few meanings:  небрежный; поспешный  порывистый; беспечный; склонный к необдуманным решениям. The US President Obama has charaterized the Crimean referendum as "slapdash". It is absolutely wrong. It is not as nearly "slapdash" as the slapdash decision of the USA to recognize the interim neo-Nazi government of the Ukraine that seized power after the coup inspired and paid for by the USA and the EU. Numerous calls for the referendum have been ignored by all the governments of the Ukraine. The Crimeans have as much right to self-determination as the Cosovars. 

11.03.14 The title of the article "Украина: над пропастью во лжи" is a play on words of the translation of J. Sallinger's famous book "The Catcher in the rye". It's an example when back-translation (into the original) aiming at the same pragmatic effect (pun) is hardly impossible.   http://rian.com.ua/view/20140306/340546043.html

6.03.14 BBC on the success of Putin's press conference: "Reuters reports that European stocks have steadied as tensions over potential conflict in Ukraine appeared to ease. President Putin's first comments on the crisis on Tuesday have helped fuel a rebound in equities worldwide".

5.03.14 A piece of Goebbels' propaganda appeared on Ukrainian TV channels: (Ukraine is) "a united country". Such a slogan must be treated only in the Orwellean sense: it means directly opposite to what it says. Much closer to the truth is another thesis.

The Clash of Civilizations is a theory that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. It was proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in a 1992 lecture. Huntington later expanded his thesis in a 1996 book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

The book explores the great cultural divide in the Ukraine that can be overcome only by means of federalization of the country and the recognition of multiculturalism.

The self-appointed authorities in the Ukraine turn out to be singing a different song because they are arrogant and stupid.

 4.03.14 A quotation from the BBC today says, "Ukraine's military is dispersed; it lacks readiness, and much of its equipment is in storage.
Given the divisions inside the country, there must also be question marks about the loyalty of elements of the Ukrainian military to the new interim political authorities in Kiev".

3.03.14 The blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag started to be associated with nationalism. That's why so many people in the South-East embrace the Russian three-colour flag.
Those who honestly want to keep the integrity of the Ukraine must understand that human rights must be observed first: statehood of Russian as the main language of the country and federalization.

26.02.14 Macmillan dictionary defines a coup d'état as an occasion when a group of people takes control of a country by means of military force. This is precisely what happened. I dislike Yanukovitch, but he is an elected president,  and the so called peace-brokers signed a deal with him in the morning and reneged on their promises in the evening. The nationalists have already shown their colours when they repealed the language law that gave a regional status to the Russian language.

22.02.14 Euronews opens with this bit to-day: "The three main Ukrainian opposition leaders along with representatives from the Maidan movement have signed an EU-brokered peace deal with President Viktor Yanukovych". Whoever 'brokers' a deal stands something to gain from it, doesn't he?

21.02.14 The ballot is stronger than the bullet, as Abraham Lincoln put it. The democratically elected government cannot and must not be removed by a bunch of extremists. There is a "silent majority" to count with. 

19.02.14 The tragedy of the loss of many lives could have been avoided if it were not for some well-meaning USA and EU advisers.

14.02.14 Dear kids! My congrats on St. Valentine's Day! May you find your love and keep it for ever! It is a good occasion to remember that you are young and youth is the only thing worth having! Enjoy your love, your youth, your life and all the wonders of the foreign language learning! 

 St. Valentine's Day is a cultural borrowing in the Ukraine, but I embrace it because it carries a great positive charge. It's a a good occasion to think about cultural borrowings that carry different values: positive and negative.

7.02.14 Attention!!! Important!!! The scandalous piece illustrating Amercan inteference in the Ukraine can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxaa-67yGM As the BBC says today the American assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland has already apologized before the EU for referring to it by an unprintable word.

6.02.14 Pay attention to this fact! Putin tops Forbes' 2013 ranking of world's most powerful people. Russian President Vladimir Putin has headed the rating of the most influential people in the world according to Forbes magazine; he has deposed US President Barack Obama to second place, the magazine's website reports on Wednesday.

30.01.14 In the category of "Units of translation" (the catalogue of the articles)  you will find an article explaining why swear words should be considered important in the learning of a foreign language.

29.01.14 You will find this interview interesting to get your bearings  in the Ukrainian political crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3vGFeVTB6s#t=76

26.01.14 Yanukovich is notorious for his lack of determination and courage. He should have applied law to the bunch of trouble-makers.

 The EU and the USA are worried about violence used against the so called "protesters". These "martyrs" are just a bunch of criminals. Why not denounce violence used by them? It's funny to hear these hypocrites who use Molotov cocktails etc. describe themselves as "peaceful protesters".
The democracy of the mob is chaos. Political preferences must be expressed through the ballot box.

25.01.14 This is how Peter Newmark presents his identity: "This book is not written by a scholar. I once published a controversial piece on Corneille's Horace in French Studies, and was encouraged to work for a doctorate, but there was too much in the making that didn't interest me, so I gave up. And a German professor refused to review Approaches because it had so many mistakes in the bibliography; which is regrettable (he was asked to point them out, but refused; later, he changed his mind and reviewed the book), but academic detail is not the essential of that or this book either".

The clear implication is: not everyone who gets a degree is a scholar. I would say more. Many proud degree owners will live enough to see that their dissertations are not worth the paper they are printed on. It is particularly true of those who find themselves on flimsy grounds while teaching students. That's why they dislike teaching and think about themselves as flying in the skies of pure linguistics. You may know them when they start speaking: too many 'clever' words and no clear idea.

24.01.14 This funny video of a Thai guide will make you burst into laughter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MZR7TnFRBo#t=25  But can you make a list of her communicative strategies? While her phonetic and grammatical mistakes are quite evident it would me much more difficult and professional to make a dummy run on the interpreters communicative skills. 
With very few language resourcesshe gains the audience by making them laugh. It demonstrates in the most convincing way the power of
the phatic function of the language!  

23.01.14  The Latin expression cui prodest? (кому выгодно?) applied to the tragic deaths of people in Kiev will inevitably lead to the conclusion that the Troika is desperately trying to raise tensions. The death of people is playing into their hands and giving a boost to their selfish political aims. The matter of Power is at stake, and nothing else!!!

The legally elected government can be challenged at the elections. People who are trying to overthrow it with the help of Molotov's cocktails are violating law and law must be applied to them.

13.01.14 The definition of identity is closely related to translation. One of the shortest presentations of his identity is given by a well-known Irish desciple of translation Michael Cronin: "The writer of the current work has a regional identity as a Dubliner, a national identity as an Irishman, a continental identity as a European, a class identity as petty bourgeois, a gender identity as male and a racial identity as white”
[Cronin, 2013: 18].

1.01.14 Compliments of the season, dear kids! May you be happy with your loved ones!

19.12.13 You will find a lot of interesting tips at the following website: http://www.thecommunityinterpreter.com/interpretips.html

17.12. 13 I strongly believe in "flipped learninng" and have been trying to implement its principles for years: flipped learning (noun) - a form of education in which students learn the content of a subject at home and the subsequent class is used for practice and discussion. This is also known as backwards classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom and reverse teaching.
The traditional pattern of teaching has been to assign students to read textbooks and work on problem sets outside school, while listening to lectures and taking test in class. In flip teaching, the students first study the topic by themselves, typically using on-line lessons prepared by the teacher or third parties. In class students apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work. 
A growing number of teachers are implementing what is known as ‘flipped learning,’ in which students learn lessons as homework, mostly through online videos produced by teachers, and use classroom time to practice what they learned.

There is no recognized translation yet. I suggest "реверсированное обучение": class work and home work change their places (are reversed).

 13.12.13 I hope you have taken notice of this historic fake: South Africa’s deaf community on Wednesday accused the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial of being a fake, who had merely flapped his arms around during speeches.

9.12.13 You may find this interview useful for brainstorming the situation in the Ukraine:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj4n9Ygb9t4

8.12.13 Who is upsetting the apple cart in the Ukraine? The so called "Orange Revolution" in 2004 saw the slump of the GNP by 5 %. In Germany or France people who incite street disturbances and call for the overthrow of the constitutional government can be put behind bars and sentenced to long-term imprisonment. It's a pity that our government should be so soft on the nationalist scum who are trying to fish in troubled waters!  Keep away from politics, kids! Learning foreign languages is a much better occupation!

1.12.13 Dear kids! To-day I would have been reading your summaries of my book if it had not been for some unwelcome developments. Please, mind the importance of learning to jot down your observations in a condensed form to ease their way into your memory!  

26.11.13 Наш герой - Богдан Хмельницкий, а не предатель Мазепа,который пытался продать Украину Европе. Бандера и Шухевич тоже пытались "европеизировать" Украину с помощью нацистов. Неужели судьба предателей ничему не учит? Перебежчики всегда кончают плохо. Наша главная ценность - нерушимая дружба с Россией: у наc с ней одна вера, один язык и одна история. Вы можете представить себе, чтобы под давлением ЕС США и Англия отказались от своих особых отношений ("special relationship")? ЕС никогда не потребует этого, потому что пошлют их куда подальше. А у народа Украины требуют именно этого: отказаться от особых отношений с Россией. Одураченные на "евромайдане" не понимают, что ЕС заранее видит в гражданах Украины своих холопов.

 23.11.13 См. полезный переводческий блог Ю.Новикова: http://translation-blog.ru/sootvetstvija/

21.11.13 For obscure reasons this or that word suddenly increases its frequency in communication. While the overwhelming majority of nonce-words vanish without leaving a trace some of them turn into buzz words. And these must be memorized. Selfie – "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website" – has been named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries editors, after the frequency of its usage increased by 17,000% over the past 12 months.

 16.11.13 Take notice of this book: Obst, Harry. White House Interpreter. – NY: Authorhouse, 2010. – 280 p.

Harry Obst interpreted for seven American presidents. This book takes a look at five of them from the interpreter's perspective inside and outside the Oval Office: Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. After finishing White House Interpreter, the reader will understand what interpreting is all about and why this profession is of considerable importance to many segments of the American society: from the White House to the courthouse, from the military battlefield to the hospitals. Obst examines the dismal training picture in the United States and urges remedial action. The book is written for the general reader. The author avoids the linguistic jargon. He mixes the technical information with interesting anecdotes, many of them never published before.

15.11.13  The latest Internet addresses from Kseniya Butova: http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2013/10/johnson-local-dialects-0  http://www.economist.com/blogs/prospero/2013/11/multilingualism.

13.11.13 I am sure you will appreciate this blog: http://translationtimes.blogspot.com/ As far as the latest memory exercises are concerned I think that memorizing poetry is a much more fruitful approach to memory training than the exercises proposed by Judy and Dagmar Jenner. I would be glad if you shared your opinion with me in the chat or on the forum.

12.11.13 One of the most interesting headlines for today: "Thailand Senate rejects controversial amnesty bill". Thailand is a country with robust economy, ancient culture, democratic traditions and ... a history of coups! When I spoke to my friend Victor Anankov (both of us graduated from the Zaporozhye Teachers' Training College in 1971) who is in Bangkok now as a UN translator I heard some firing in the street filled with rioters and the armed police. It's a deplorable fact that Victor Anankov's name should not even be mentioned on the list of our most famous graduates.

8.11.13 The7th of November saw many people carrying red flags. They are still with us because the state does not defend us - it destroys working people. It is a state caring for itself. It is a state that does not give a damn about people. I've never been a Communist, I've never advertized for the Communist idea. But it is better to have an idea, than to have none.  And the worst thing is that people who carried Communist party tickets and pledged to be faithful servants of the people, are still in the office, though under other colours. Renegades - that's their true name. And the 7th of November makes them blink and shudder. Shudder, folks, shudder!

6.11.13 Robert Lane Greene's book may be regarded as one of the most devastating pieces of criticism of language planning sponsored by the government. Does this quotation trigger off any associations with you? "Create a state that everyone hates and then yoke it to an official language, and both the language and the state may fail. Create a society people want to join, such as the international community of English speakers or a modern, tolerant South Africa, and it is never necessary to force a language on anyone”
[Greene, 2011: 162 - 163].

5.11.13  One of the brightest students who graduated with flying colours many years ago  - Kseniya Butova - has shared this address with me:

http://readingagency.org.uk/news/blog/neil-gaiman-lecture-in-full.html It's a very inspiring lecture about reading and literature.

1.11.13 In many places of the Ukraine people (mostly the youth) celebrated Halloween (a contraction of "All Hallows' Evening"). It is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on the 31 of October, dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. For the people of the Ukraine it is a cultural borrowing because it carries no symbolic message to those who go on a binge and into different pranks just because the age tells them to do so! Nothing to be proud about and to be worried about! Have great fun, kids!

30.10.13   В Интернете можно прочесть книгу Роберта Лейна Грина "You are what you speak". Книга как будто специально для Украины написана. Написана очень увлекательно и содержит много интересных фактов. Прочтите!
24.10.13  Подводные камни транскрипций-заимствований. On BBC homepage: "The grace and glamour of St Petersburg". Появившаяся недавно транскрипция "гламур" всегда мешает эквивалентному переводу: "Красота и блеск Петербурга". Старайтесь избегать таких транскрипций в переводе: это не перевод, а ненужное козыряние иностранными словами, что свойственно речи заносчивых и не очень умных людей. Как вам нравится обращение к вокальной группе "добавить драйва"? Надо бы  сказать "Исполняйте энергичнее (в полную силу, от души, не робейте!) В файле "Книги" смотрите раздел "Академический жаргон".
1.10.13  One of the most popular headlines today is "A restaurant in Japan has some unusual waiting staff on its books: ..."
18.10.13 Ребята! Обязательно вернитесь к статье Р. Якобсона! Для лучшего погружения в тему я сегодня отдельно разместил самые важные цитаты из знаменитой статьи Р. Якобсона, а также свою статью "Контекстуализация и перевод" (в категории "Техника переводческих преобразований"). Ворфианство и теория всеобщей переводимости - это противоположные вещи.

17.10.13  Дорогие ребята! Конечно, я готов преподавать у вас. Разве ты сомневаешься, Юлечка? Но ты, Саша, совершенно прав: никто мне этого не позволит. Полностью разделяю мнение Игоря: операция была спланирована заранее. Меня пригласили в деканат, где были Юрий Антонович и Галина Фёдоровна. Ю.А. молчал. Г. Ф. предъявила целый ряд обвинений. Начала с программы (по традициям нашей системы, когда упоминают программу, это немедленно означает предвзятую позицию): оказывается, я должен был вести технический перевод. Много лет на четвёртом курсе я занимался именно переводом новостей, а технический перевод вёл другой преподаватель. Кстати, Ю. А. всегда знал это и, очевидно, до вторника вполне понимал важность этого курса, о котором я написал много статей. В качестве улики, которая "может быть расценена как сексуальное домогательство", была предъявлена статья "Bang Ukraine"(???) Почему книга Руша, взорвавшая украинскую журналистику, должна расцениваться так? Оказывается, нашлись некоторые родители, которые таким образом пекутся о целомудрии своих дочерей: как можно им показывать плохое слово? В университетской аудитории можно обсуждать всё: весь вопрос в тональности дискуссии (кстати, В 2012 году в Кембридже вышла очень интересная монография на эту тему). Тональность, как вы помните, была задана фактом скандального отсутствия реакции со стороны украинского правительства на книгу Руша. Вместо того, чтобы объявить его персоной нон-грата, Руша приглашают в Киев презентовать свой "шедевр". Ещё одно странное обвинение: я, оказывается не требую у вас рaботы над лексикой (???) Выход из проблемы, которую искусственно создали, Г. Ф. видит в том, чтобы я перешёл на 0,25 ставки и имел только консультативные часы без аудиторной нагрузки. Предложение нахожу оскорбительным. Принять его - значит согласиться с тем, что я в аудитории занимался чем-то непотребным. В этом году моей работе в вузе исполнилось 40 лет. За это время я вёл самые разные лекционные курсы: стилистику, историю американской литературы, страноведение, лексикологию, теорию перевода, историю перевода, интерпретацию текста и др. Сейчас мне оставили только перевод деловой корреспонденции, но предлагают вести какие-то маргинальные курсы, которыми я никогда не занимался. Я очень люблю аудиторную работу: она даёт мне возможность общаться со шкетиками, которым я хочу быть полезным в том, что умею делать хорошо - учить английскому. Вот почему, дорогие мои ребятки, я вынужден с большим сожалением проститься с вами. Мальчиком на побегушках или мальчиком для битья никогда не был и не буду. Всегда был прям и честен, как с врагами, так и с друзьми. Я теряю сокровище, которым очень дорожил: общение с вами. Но менять свои принципы в конце жизни не могу. Сожалею, ребятки: никакого пересмотра ситуации не может быть. Где вы видели, чтобы начальство отказывалось от своих планов? Помнить вас буду всегда. Ещё раз, спасибо, дорогие шкетёнки, за поддержку. И счастья вам! Заглядывайте на сайт. Я буду информировать вас о последних новостях в мире перевода. 
16.10.13 Спасибо, ребята, за поддержку. Для меня это очень важно. Мне жаль расставаться с вами, но мне не оставили выбора. Read the latest news and pick up new words. If you learn to do it regularly your English will flourish! You know my e-mail: I am ready to help. Good luck, kids!
14.10.13  On the 15th of October I expect you to zero in on Moscow riots.  The attendance rate of group 402 is inexcusable. When you put your mind to mending your fences it is going to be too late!

13.10.13 My dear desciples! Let me repeat:treat R. Jakobson's article with utmost care. You have used too many generalities and empty words about translation in your comments. You have failed to explain the principle of universal translatability in terms of its reasons. How do we break through the cognitive barrier between the languages? No one has mentioned why the article is called so. That's a disastrous performance, kids! I do advise you to reread the article.
8.10.13  My dear desciples! Treat R. Jakobson's article with utmost care. It is not such an easy ride as "A Millionth Word"! Please, be ready to show me your vocabulary folders.
7.10.13  Folks! You really must do something with your grammar: more than 50% of your sentences do not measure up to standards! In September only Oksana Nikolenko showed progress in unsupervised work. Besides, I am worried about the attendance rate of group 402. You could have at least done something on-line 

3.10.13  Dear kids! Look into the inventory of new words in "Learning English" on bbc.co.uk!
1.10.13 Please, look into updates from Italy. Be ready to enumerate 10 headlines for to-day.

24.09.13 Please, look into updates from Kenya. I'll be interested in both: vocabulary and facts.

23.09.13  All of those who attended the class are going to reap the benefits: you have understood the idea. As far as grammar and style are concerned, I can mention two students who more or less have measured up: A. Starshekov (401) and O. Nikolenko (402). 

17.09.13 Pay special attention to news about the Washington carnage and Merkel's election campaign. 
13.09. 13 Dear disciples! If you understand the essence of mistakes of red-marked units, you did your home work. If not, I am ready to help. Everybody understood the scandalous character of the book, and some of you have made very far-reaching comments: Yulia Ovcharova, Nikonov Igor and Yulia Vinnik. Still, the most scandalous thing is not the book itself, but the absence of any official reaction to it.

11.09.13 Dear kids! How am I supposed to assess your entries if you appear in the commentaries under your nicknames? Besides, neither of you has mentioned Rudenko's article that seems to be more amazing than the scandalous book. Please, take into account the following point: if you have not met the deadline you have lost in your achievement rating. No "tomorrows" - that must be your slogan!
3.09.13 Дорогие студенты 4-го курса! Поздравляю все с началом нового учебного года. Чтобы яснее представлять себе требования, прошу ознакомиться с формой отчёта в каталоге файлов УМКД. Прошу также зарегистрироваться на сайте через свой адрес в электронной почте gmail.com При подведении итогов самостоятельной работы будут учитываться ваши добавления в категории "Параллельные тексты", "Забавные переводческие истории", "Конкурс переводов" и др.

28.05.13 Марселла! Когда же я получу отчёт? Стругацкая Марина - исчезла бессовестным образом. Байрамова и Рыбакова - будете иметь зачёт.

23.05.13 Уважаемые заочники! Ваши отчёты должны быть в одном документе (как, например, у Е. Косолаповой). Не надо высылать их мне по электронной почте - их просмотр должен быть доступен всем! Где выделенные соответствия, о которых просил вас 14.05.13

22.05.13 Ознакомился с отчётами А. Дергаль, Е. Косолаповой, А. Шпак. Slam bam, thank you ma'am! Никуда не годится. Даже сведения о часах указаны неверно. Параллельные тексты поданы без выделения специфических единиц деловой корреспонденции. Заявленные типы писем, с которыми, якобы, ознакомились, не подтверждены прикреплёнными параллельными текстами. Аннотация не только говорит о слабых знаниях существа вопроса, но и о потрясающей безграмотности. Вы не знаете грамматики на уровне средней школы. Где уж аннотацию составить! Просил вас ознакомиться с моим обращением к студентам-заочникам от 14.05.13 - там указаны единицы, которые надо выделить. Без этого как я могу догадаться о том, что вы их знаете? 24.05.13 буду у заочников. Если хотите, могу дать вам ещё один шанс испытать себя в переводе деловых писем. Мне интересно, как можно учить английский четыре года и при этом обладать таким багажом знаний! Из человеколюбия можно рассчитывать получить кусок хлеба, но не диплом ЗНУ.

17.05.13 Студенты стационара могут ознакомиться с результатами индивидуальной работы в файле УМКД.

16.05.13  Студентов-заочников прошу изучить "Форму отчёта" в файле "Перевод деловой корреспонденции". В этом году большинство заочников проявили редкую необязательность. А 24 мая претендентов на получение зачёта будет, очевидно, больше, чем тех, кто появился на занятиях 14 мая. Вавиловой Ире - my respect and approval of discipline and commitment! Deadline for your reports - May 22.

14.05.13 Прошу студентов-заочников функцией добавления прикрепить в категории "Отчёты" (каталог файлов, перевод деловой корреспонденции) материалы, необходимые для выполнения индивидуальной работы по нашему курсу: аннотацию на книгу "Модальность и перевод", параллельные тексты - оригинал и перевод с библиографически точным указанием источника, откуда он взят (с выделением жирным шрифтом терминов, клише и бизнес-идиом, а также обязательным английским названием типа письма: letter of reference, memo, letter of complaint etc.) и отчёт с тезисным описанием проделанной работы и указанием на английском языке изученных типов писем. 

9.05.13 В конце апреля 2013 года горсоветы Львова и Ивано-Франковска признали 9 мая Днем скорби. Этих припадочных, разумеется, остановили, но понять их конвульсии можно. Для них - естественно скорбеть в этот день: нацистов разбили, а их бандеровских пособников загнали в схроны. А для наследников победителей - это самый большой праздник. С Днём Победы, друзья! Пусть реют красные знамёна и гвардейские ленточки!

8.05.13 The Ukranian newspaper Kyiv Post in its April 19th issue indicated one of its most popular stories: "Most Ukrainians prefer to speak Russian at work, although official documents are generally written in the state language of Ukrainian, according to the online poll held by recruitment website rabota.ua based in Kyiv". I would have have found it strange if the  poll should have shown any other result! Russian is the 4th out of the five most important vehicular languages of the world. Keep it in mind, kids when your start thinking about climbing up the career ladder!

5.05.13 Your results are ready. You may look into them.

5.05.13 Dear kids! At Eastertide Christians exchange special greetings: Christ is risen! - Christ is risen indeed! Christian values are important for you just as the linguistic habit of picking up new words. Best!
26.04.13 Занимался сегодня отчётами. Итоги индивидуальной работы подводить рано: предстоит ещё потрудиться. Высший балл (20) получают безусловные чемпионы: Коля Ибрагимов (403) и Рита Зинченко (401). Эти студенты имеют право больше не приходить на занятия. Поздравляю! Двум студентам, имеющим абсолютные нули (Дергаль Алина и Шпак Аня), предстоит многое сделать, чтобы компенсировать год прогулов и безделья. Особенно возмутительным считаю поведение Дергаль: роды происходят не сразу, а к ним некоторое время готовятся. Можно было представлять работу добавлениями на сайт. Не захотелось. Использовать дитя в качестве отмазки нахожу кощунством: бери пример с Ани Хоменко.  Ане Шпак - персональное задание: пройти базовый курс грамматики. Грамматикой не мешает заняться самым лучшим. Перевод на английский, как свидетельствуют аннотации, даётся нелегко.

24.04.13 Прошу в четверг всех принести "Точку зрения переводчика" с глоссарием. Не забыть другие вещи, подтверждающие отчёт!

23.04.13 My dear dead-line-emaciated kids! Your results are ready. You may look into them in the catalogue of files. The most vunerable thing: could have been, might have been, should have been etc. You have an option: either we are writing  10 sentences or I proceed with lecturing. I expect your opinions to be introduced into the forum "Обо всём"(please, don't forget to mentiom your names - "Olya" is not covering your personality!). 

19.04.13 The story about "The Judge and the Uncertified Interpreter" was uploaded to the files of the site. By way of getting ready for the 2d module paper learn the list of terms of business correspondence.

Прошу Алину Дергаль появиться 22, 25 или 29 апреля и рассчитаться с долгами. Другого "индивидуального графика" не будет. Не надо злоупотреблять своим положением: просить войти в положение можно, но нельзя рассчитывать на основании этого положения получить диплом. "Индивидуальный график" не даёт права на полное отсутствие.

17.04.13 Read the story about "The Judge and the Uncertified Interpreter" at https://mail.yandex.ua/neo2/#message/2300000001744336007

In the catalogue of files find about Flip-thinking and Flip-learning
УМКД, методическое обеспечение).
What I have done is develop the inital idea of flip-thinking to include progression (for the student) to becoming an autonomous learner

16.04.13 Dear kids! Your results are ready. You may look into them in the catalogue of files. I am sure you will do better next time. Best!

 13.04.13 Dear sweat-soaked wits! Remember to include into your reports all of your achievements in the unsupervised work. It will help you to gain a better level of rating. Except newspaper headlines, everything else you are choosing and carrying out yourselves. Group 404 did the worst showing: only Ira Garkavtseva has shown willingness to cooperate so far. There are two overachievers who are in the incontestable lead: Rita Zinchenko and Kolya Ibragimov. Respects!

10.04.13 Be ready to speak on Thursday about Margaret Thatcher's legacy.

30.03.13 Reciting is not only a memory-training exercise - it is an acid test on will power. You are trying den inneren Schweinehund überwinden every time you are putting a piece of poetry into your mind. In your Monday class of business letters be ready to answer the question: what is the most challenging part of a business interview?

27.03.13 Please, do not forget to bring your vocabulary entries on "Heather Ale" and be ready to express your opinion on the article "Ukraine: so near and yet so far" (http://www.euronews.com/2013/03/25/ukraine-so-near-and-yet-so-far/). Fluency and clarity must be comparable with the performance on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMVggYPqsnM

23.03.13  Madina (402). You will have a minute to revise the main ideas about a business letter as they are given in bullet points in lecture 3. Kseniya (404) - the same about Savory's dichotomies from my book.

19.03.13 Group 402, on Thursday March 21 I shall have the pleasure to teach you twice. After our class at 9.35 you will have a written paper in room 230 with group 401.

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