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1.03.17 - 30.03.17
01.06.2017, 08:25

30.03.17 Ukraine's 2014 decision to move toward closer cooperation with the EU and away from Russia has been an economic leap into an abyss, but few people outside Moscow denounce the decision.

The article "The Ukrainian Argument for Scottish Independence" ( takes a swipe at what everybody in the Ukraine knows from the horse's mouth.


25.03.17  America's backyard is a concept often used in political science and international relations contexts to refer to the sphere of influence of the United States. Somewhat analogous to the Russian concept of near abroad (Russian: ближнее зарубежье, blizhneye zarubezhye), America's backyard is used to refer to the USA's traditional areas of dominance, especially Latin America. A translation mistake that has resulted in a hybridized text: 

Russia could overrun the Baltics in three days, and given the overwhelming military force that Russia can bring to bear in its back yard, it is hard to imagine anything other than a similar outcome in Ukraine.

Россия может захватить Прибалтику в течение трех дней, а с учетом подавляющей военной силы, которую Россия может направить на свой задний двор, трудно представить себе что-то кроме похожего результата на Украине.

20.03.17  Erdogan knows how to turn Europe into Turkey. This is how to conquer new lands without waging a war: “I call on my citizens, my siblings living in Europe. The places you live in, work at, which are your new homeland. Embrace those places tightly. Open new workplaces. Get your children educated at better schools. Go live in better neighbourhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children,” Erdogan declared.


17.03.17 Sean Guillory uses tranliteration and its English equivalents to convey the Russian pun: "...most Russians view the height of American political involvement not as the emergence of demokratiya (democracy), but as really existing dermokratiya (shitocracy)".


13.03.17 Nolan Peterson has come up with a missionary article about the Ukraine "Searching for the American Dream on the Edge of the War in Ukraine". 

Searching for the American Dream anywhere apart from the USA is a futile affair. Imitating someone inevitably triggers off cognitive dissonance, a feeling that can hardly be associated with happiness. Why look for something that alienates you from your cultural roots? The American Dream is hard to define and harder to follow!!! However every student of English must know the history of the term.

11 03.17 Masha Gessen is the one who smears "Family Values" (ironically, the title to her article) even with her name, but she won't calm down and launches an attack with a battle-cry: "I am here under the terms of a negotiated experiment in open-mindedness. I am queer, Jewish, anti-Putin, and a critic of marriage as an institution. I have emigrated from Russia to the United States twice, first to escape Soviet anti-Semitism and then to flee the Kremlin’s antigay policies. Right-wing family-values advocates have cited me by name as a representative of the enemy, indeed as someone who has personally set out to destroy the natural family."

QUEER QUEER (= GAY) гомосексуалист. Это не ругательство, оригинальное значение слова - странный, необычный. На телевидении идет популярный сериал, "Queer as Folks" (Геи как народ). Свое рввенство геи отстаивают постоянно

8.03.17 Dear English-speaking ladies! My heartiest congrats on the 8th of March! Take this quotation as a recognition of your Uniqueness for your Man:

A woman may be misinformed, misled, unclear, misguided, and even downright stupid, but she is never ever wrong.

3.03.17  From The Telegraph: "Philip Hammond, for all his qualities, was counterproductively hard-necked on Russia, describing Putin as a wife-beater and pointlessly demanding what everyone knows is never going to happen – the return of Crimea. Boris Johnson by contrast has, in the pages of this newspaper, recognised the need to “do a deal with the devil” over Syria and acknowledged the EU diplomatic incompetence which helped lead us into the Ukraine morass". The evaluative metaphor "morass" carries a load of implications about the West getting tired of the Ukraine's countless problems.  More...


1.03.17 "Ukraine’s democrats are desperate for American leadership, but they fear Trump will abandon them to Moscow’s clutches". 

Украинские демократы отчаянно нуждаются в американском лидерстве, но они боятся, что Трамп оставит их на растерзание Москвы. Больше

This clumsy piece of American propaganda is rich in Orwellian newspeak: Ukraine’s democrats, American leadership,  Moscow’s clutches.

When Americans meddle in Ukraine's affairs it is "leadership". When Russia tries to protect Ukrainian Russians from "democrats" it is "Moscow's clutches".

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