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Phrasal verbs

I. Fill the gaps in these sentences with the suitable verb or noun and preposition. The first one is done for you as an example.

Account for, advertise for, apologize for, apply to, apply for, apply to, approve of, arise from, backlog of, base on, benefit from, bid for, blame for, bring up

1) In the middle of the meeting our client brought up the subject of compensation. 2) All reports need to be carefully written and________ __all the facts available. 3) The managing director was very satisfied: he________ __my recommendations. 4) If we want to fill the post, we`ll have to________ __ a qualified technician. 5) The clerk managed to_______ __ the two missing packages. 6) If you look carefully at your copy of the contract you will see that this rule ___________ __ you. 7) Computer operators wanted. Please _________ __ the manager within. 8) The whole company is going to _________ ___ the South American order. 9) So many people __________ ___ the job, that we had difficulty in deciding who to select. 10) The authorities _________ the multinationals ___ the inflated prices. 11) Such problems can only _________ __ bad planning. 12) The salesman ________ __ arriving late at the meeting. 13) The clerk had to work long after five to deal with the _______ __orders. 14) Our agent __________ $500____ the fire-damaged merchandise.

II. Use the word from the list below and fill the gaps in these sentences:

Involved, limited, catering, retailing, enterprise, merge, premises, prosperous, terminals, modem, bookkeeping, monitor, corporation, vice-president.

1) Several companies are _______in the development. 2) Ltd stands for _______ company. 3) Hotels and restaurants are part of the _______industry. 4) Shops and supermarkets are part of the _______industry. 5) Our economy depends on private _______ . 6) The two firms want to _______ to form a large one. 7) We are moving because our business _______ are too small. 8) The report shows our company had another _______ year. 9) All the computer _______are linked to the main computer. 10) The modem joins the computer to the phone. 11) The_______ department looks after the company`s figures. 12) Another word for computer screen is _______. 13) In America a large firm is called a _______. 14) In American companies a director is called a _______.

III. Look through these sentences and fill the gaps with a word built from the words and prefixes below. The first is done for you as an example.

Mis - , over - , pre - , re - , out - , multi - , sub - .

Look, grow, live, place, calculate, charge, design, national, divide, package, fabricate, national, contract.

1) The fall in the value of dollar will mean a poor outlook for the tourist trade this year. 2) In the sixties many experts were warning that the population of Japan had _______ n its resources. 3) Because the machine had _______ed its usefulness, the production manager proposed _______ing it. 4) The finance department badly _______ed the costings for the new factory buildings, so they couldn`t be constructed last year. 5) There`s something wrong with this bill. We didn`t eat that much food. I think they have_______ed me. 6) We`ve received so many complaints about the product that we will have to _______ the next model. 7) Our major supplier is a large _______ company, which always delivers on time. 8) We are willing to _______ the labour between the two countries. We do the basics, you finish the goods. 9) Most goods supplied to shops today are delivered in a _______ed state. 10) Industrial buildings are sometimes _______ed in Europe and sent to the Middle East to be assembled there. 11) The problem with _______companies is that they rarely manufacture the components themselves. They always _______ them to smaller companies.

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