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A company`s premises and facilities
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Items for the completed floor plan:

Personnel Manager, General Manager, Accounts Manager, Book-Keeping, Data Processing, Stationary Store, Typing Pool, Gents toilet/restroom, Ladies toilet/restroom, Post Room, Reception, Photocopying, Secretary, Lifts/elevators, System analysts.

Expressions for touring around the office:

to show smb around the office, to get an idea where everything is, to take smb on a little tour, go through Reception, right opposite us…, go up the corridor, go through this door here on the left …, you have to go through this office before you get…, if we carry on a bit further we pass the lifts, to get up to the top floor, the next door on the right is where the System Analysts are, right ahead at the end of the corridor is where the data processing takes place, you have to go through his secretary`s office to find him, on the far end on the left is the Stationary Store, canteen, to get coffee from machines – the one is inside Data Processing.

Expressions for agreeing and disagreeing:

That`s exactly what I think; That`s just what I was thinking; That`s a good point. I agree entirely; Quite right, I couldn`t agree more; Yes, I am all in favour of that; Well, my opinion for what it`s worth… I can see what you mean, but…; I don`t think so, because…; I don`t think it`s a good idea…; Maybe, but don`t you think…? That`s true, but on the other hand…

Items for discussions:

Smoking should be forbidden in offices. All offices should have flowers in them. All companies should offer their employees free lunches. Overtime should be obligatory if the day`s work is not done.

Actions of bosses and management: People working in business should be told what to do and should do it without asking questions. Employees want to be recognized as people with their own (personal) needs. Employees have to be forced to work: otherwise they are just lazy. Managers need to closely control what employees do. Nobody wants responsibility at work. If there are problems to be solved in a company, everybody should be asked their opinion before anything is done.

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