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3.07.16 - 29.07.16
04.10.2016, 10:41

29.07.16 Calling oneself "neutral" does not make you one. The white-black portrayal of "unassuming" Catholics and "arrogant" representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church exposes your real stance, Mister Berger:

About two years ago I attended a Catholic/Orthodox dialogue in Europe—I was invited as a neutral observer (who, as they say in Texas, has “no dog in this fight”). The Catholic delegation, which was headed by a cardinal, was unfailingly polite and unassuming, and clearly listened with an open mind. The delegation from the Moscow patriarchate, while formally polite, behaved with arrogance and the assumption that their absolute truths were not open to discussion. I had to think of the formula with which official communications ended in imperial China—“Tremble and obey!”


You have a dog in this fight, Mr Berger! (Вы не нейтральный, у вас есть свой интерес)

25.07.16 A faux pas made by Mark Galeotti

Mark Galeotti, the author of the article published in National Interest on July 21, 2016 offers the reader his russophobic analysis of Russia under the arrogant title:

Russia Is Only A Threat If We Let It Be One
Mark Galeotti July 21, 2016

While quite outspoken in his aggressive spin-doctoring Mark Galeotti may be suspected to be a true admirer of the evil Putin because of the ambiguous status of the Yiddish borrowing ‘chutzpah’ that is used as an approval in English (If you say that someone has chutzpah, you mean that you admire the fact that they are not afraid or embarrassed to do or say things that shock, surprise, or annoy other people):

Russia is a declining power, a part-reformed, part-stagnant fragment of a shattered and spent empire. Vladimir Putin, though, has perfected a foreign policy built on equal parts chutzpah, gamesmanship, and bluff.

The translation into Russian does not convey this ambiguity:
Россия это держава в состоянии упадка, отчасти исправившийся, отчасти застойный осколок изнуренной и развалившейся империи. Но Владимир Путин мастерски проводит внешнюю политику, основанную в равной степени на запредельной наглости, блефе и сомнительной игре.

Your admiration for Putin spills over your hatred for him in this rhetorical slip of the tongue: chutzpah! You are exporting your way of life, Mr Galeotti, and you have the nerve to believe that Russia will ask you for permission to do something!

21.07.16 Russophobia - coining traditional stereotypes about Russia:


"Artists" who produce such stuff are war-mongering fools: instead of concentrating their efforts on the real threat that comes from radical Islam these clowns are just pulling the wool over the eyes of Westerners: вешают лапшу на уши as the Russians would say.

17.07.16 The tragic events in Nice will trigger off a decline of multiculturalism not only in France, but in Europe and America too. The decline is on the way, irrespective of what the scholars and politicians say and do. Good intentions, deplorably, pave the way to hell...

13.07.16 Most English metaphors are easily translated into Russian because both languages have a common Indo-European background and belong to the same European psychological type (Charles Bally). However much fewer of the English metaphors retain the same image in Russian translation. While in the example below 'divorce' can be translated by the two-ways correspondence развод, the second metaphor (tray) requires a descriptive translation in which the original image is substituted for something like "приоритет в задачах Терезы Мэй" (the device of neutralization):

Winning the top job was the easy bit. For Britain’s incoming prime minister the big challenge starts tomorrow. Handling the United Kingdom’s divorce from Europe will be top of Theresa May’s in tray.


10.07.16 The same root words (in bold type) usually occur whithin a very tight syntactical space when they are meant to function as a play upon words (a stylistic device implying humour). In the example below the proximity of lexemes and the use of tips in two different meanings (подсказки, чаевые) mislead the perception, are very inconvenient  translation units (especially in a simultaneous translation) and are evidence of rhetorical inaccuracy that abounds even on such a respectable site as bbc.co.uk:

Tipping customs vary from country to country, but if you wait tables for a living could experiments buried in psychological journals hold some tips for you, on getting bigger tips?


7.07.16 Why advertize in the Russian speaking Kiev using texts heavily hybridized with English? Use either Russian or English if you set your mind to ease your countrymen into English. Hybridized texts in advertizing produce an impression of the after-effects of a huge hangover when a man tends to be unintelligible, A sample that infuriated me:
Кроме внушительной коллекции вечерних и коктейльных платьев и заметно расширившего свою площадь Oh My Look! Photo Room, здесь открылся G. Barбьюти-бар с укладками, макияжем, маникюром и педикюром. А осенью начнет свою работу детский сервис Pipipi.

3.07.16  Non-native speakers of English prefer to use neutral words of high frequency in place of more specific ones used by native speakers. As The Activator Dictionary points out these specific terms set up huge barriers to acquiring a good command of colloquial speech. Below you will find several specific terms one of them being bitch. Compare:

to complain (neutral) - to bitch (informal) implies disapproval of the act of complaining.

Tales From Abroad: Russia Jan 11 2016

You love it and you hate it. The grind becomes mind-numbing. Everybody bitches. Even the superstars. Even the guys who you think eat and breathe hockey, they bitch. Some of the best times you have are sitting around a locker room, complaining with the boys.

Why? It’s like Stockholm syndrome. The stuff that sucks is the stuff that you bond over with the guys in the trenches with you. Then one day, you wake up, and you’re old, and it’s over. You don’t have anything to bitch about anymore. You just have some coffee, go on Twitter, go about your day. It’s brutal. 


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