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2.05.16 - 30.05.16
29.07.2016, 10:49

30.05.16 No one can completely be free from the influence of discourses, primarily, one's native3 discourse. This idea is very close to what the Danish journalist writes about below (pay attention to words in red):

"På mange måder har russerne meget mere ret end Vesten i tolkningen af, hvad der skete i de første 20 år efter den kolde krig frem til 2010. Ruslands udlægning er meget tættere på virkeligheden end Vestens. Vi har behandlet dem respektløst og som en tredjerangsmagt", siger han.


«Во многом русские более правы, чем Запад, в трактовке того, что произошло в первые 20 лет после окончания холодной войны и до 2010 года. Российская интерпретациягораздо ближе к действительности, чем западная. Мы обращались с ними неуважительно, как со страной третьего сорта», — говорит он.


Через переводчик google получаем противоположную интерпретацию:

Во многих отношениях, русские имеют гораздо больше прав, чем Запад в интерпретации того, что произошло в первые 20 лет после окончания холодной войны до 2010 годаинтерпретация России не намного ближе к реальности, чем на Западе. Мы относились к ним неуважительно и как власти третьего курса, "говорит он.

26.05.16 In the subcategory of "The problems of language hybridization" you will find an article by A. V. Terenin "MISTAKEN PERCEPTION IN LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT".  A. V. Terenin shows well known expressions that were deformed by mistaken perception in their true colours. You will be surprised to discover how misled we are by common misusage and language myths. A. V. Terenin's work is one of the most inspiring pieces in linguistics I've read lately.  "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested". This quotation belongs to a famous English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626). The quotation applies to the article I recommend to chew and digest.

23.05.16 "In the two years the expression "Russian hybrid warfare" has become a fixture in the Western political, media and academic lexicon. The "hybrid warfare" term first emerged in 2006 as a description of Hezbollah tactics against Israel in the Lebanon war to refer to conventional warfare plus the use of terror and guerrilla action. Its applications to Russia stem from a 2013 speech by General Valery Gerasimov, head of the Russian General Staff, about the changing nature of wars. According to the general, they are now fought in the media as well as by economic and diplomatic means. Gerasimov's concept was hardly ground-breaking: Strategists from Carl von Clausewitz to Mao Zedong have stressed the usefulness of non-military efforts in conflict. Yet many watchers thought the doctrine fit Russia's devilishly inventive, multi-channel disruption of Ukraine, and the "hybrid war" meme was born".


Only Ukrainian movers and shakers are responsible for "multi-channel disruption of Ukraine".  The "Russian hybrid warfare" is a smoke screen device to pass the buck. 

19.05.16  Look up for fun: http://inosmi.ru/politic/20160519/236572375.html
The article is a glaring sample of hatred towards Russia. However, the author who is deeply mired in cheap propaganda ploys is a poor spindoctor: no facts and analysis - mere dislike of a different point of view. This is a very slap-dash way to do something worth respect!

18.05.16  "Up to now everything is great", thinks a man falling down from a skyscraper past the 10th floor. That's how the results of the victory in the Eurovision can be summed up.

16.05.16 UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond called a classical music concert that was held in Palmyra yesterday a 'tasteless attempt to distract attention' from the suffering of Syrians.You and your opinions! Who says? May I ask Mr Hammond: who caused the suffering? You are behind the coup in Kiev that removed the constitutionally elected government. And you are turning a blind eye to the rise of the Nazis in the Ukraine. You with your allies are behind the tragic events in Iraq and Libya. And your opinion about the concert is a thinly veiled case of hatred towards Russia. You might have been a bit cleverer in your cheap anti-Russian propaganda ploys.  Learn your lessons from the BBC. When classical music comes to replace  hostilities it is a good sign.

13.05.16 This is how the West assesses the appointment of Yuri Lutsenko to the position of the Ukraine's prosecutor general:

Petro Poroshenko ally takes Ukraine’s top legal post

The president’s parliamentary leader becomes prosecutor general, as concerns grow about cronyism.


The key statement is:  concerns grow about cronyism


Poroshenko's allies seem to be rejoicing in his consolidating power: everyone understands that the real Prosecutor General is Poroshenko himself. However, this tactical victory is one more step closer to the strategic defeat. The West will never accept this thinly disguised scheme aimed at keeping cronyism, nepotism and the pervasive corruption intact. And the West cannot be dispensed with so easily because without its support the Ukrainian government will not last a week. That's why all this shady enterprise with Lutsenko is absolutely stupid as a move of Poroshenko's allies. Or it may be a brilliant move on the part of his enemies who look forward to his downfall.

9.05.16 Congratulations on the Victory Day in The Great Patriotic War!

"I must sow poppies in my garden", says Dorian Gray (the hero from Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray") implying that he wishes to forget the horror of his complicity in Sibyl Vane’s death (poppy is a symbol of oblivion).

It is not strange to me that Europe should have chosen this symbol to mark Victory in Europe Day, generally known as V-E Day, VE Day or simply V Day: Europe wishes to forget the shame of its offering so little resistance to Hitler.

The peoples of the former Soviet Union have always celebrated their Victory in The Great Patriotic War because they defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe. It would be strange for them to adopt poppy as a symbol of Victory.

There are other symbols for it: St. George’s ribbons and the Red Banner of Victory. 

5.05.16 A piece of advice from Business English:

Feeling brash and sassy? Self-confidence is a good thing but when you’re always the office know-it-all it can backfire — especially if you are so full of yourself that you don’t care. The result: an arrogance that makes colleagues unwilling to work with you.

Such words as brash and sassy are a challenge to learners of Engliish:

brash - дерзкий, наглый, нахальный   Syn: impudent , insolentc

sassy ['sæsɪ] ; 1) дерзкий, развязный; нахальный Syn: forward , easy 2) бойкий She got a little sassy — Она стала довольно дерзкой

4.05.16 While Viatrovych’s debates with Western historians may seem academic, this is far from true. Last June, Kvit’s Ministry of Education issued a directive to teachers regarding the “necessity to accentuate the patriotism and morality of the activists of the liberation movement,” including depicting the UPA as a “symbol of patriotism and sacrificial spirit in the struggle for an independent Ukraine” and Bandera as an “outstanding representative” of the Ukrainian people.” More recently, Viatrovych’s Ukrainian Institute of National Memory proposed that the city of Kiev rename two streets after Bandera and the former supreme commander of both the UPA and the Nazi-supervised Schutzmannschaft Roman Shukhevych.The consolidation of Ukrainian democracy — not to mention its ambition to join the European Union — requires the country to come to grips with the darker aspects of its past. But if Viatrovych has his way, this reckoning may never come to pass, and Ukraine will never achieve a full reckoning with its complicated past.


2.05.16 For nearly half a century I begin my day by listening to the BBC latest news. Deplorably, they changed the melody that used to follow the introductory phrase "This is London". But the BBC remains the nost reliable source of information, though in their terms I remain "on the wrong side of history". I expect from the BBC to tell world that on the orders from Kiev the army is sent to crack down on the Untermenschen of Donbass. What would the West have said if Yanukovitch had sent the army to appease Lvov or Ivano-Frankovsk?

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