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1.01.14 - 28.03.14
03.06.2014, 09:16

28.03.14 The device of compensation is often resorted to in order to retain the same tenor. Today Euronews opens with:  NATO has been thumping its chest at Moscow to counter fears in Kyiv that Russia’s appetite for fresh territory might be bigger than Crimea. В то время как Украина опасается, что Москва может не остановиться на возвращении Крыма, НАТО решило поддержать Киев,показав зубы. If you compare the units marked out in red you will see that informal connotations are the same though the effect has been achieved with the help of different grammatical and lexical means. 

27.03.14 Mark Almond (a British author, and a lecturer in Modern History at Oriel College, Oxford.) about the EU hypocrites: "The EU is a great believer of minority rights, except when these minorities aren’t fully paid up supporters of its crowd on the streets of central Kiev".

26.03.14 Look at the quotation from the BBC: "the activities of Right Sector and other Ukrainian nationalist groups pose a threat to the large Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin gave that as one of his reasons for intervening in Crimea".

The words marked out in red illustrate the phenomenon of faux amis. Similar in form and having both common and different meanings in the source language and in the target language (the difference emerges in the following correspondence: pose - представлять собой, являться) "false friends" prove to be a hard nut to crack.
25.03.14 To find natural equivalents (do not mix them up with lexicographic equivalents!) while translating informal speech is a very difficult thing, that is next to impossible in simultaneous interpretation. Here is a piece of the rhetoric of the "patriots"  (impressive, I should say!):   http://www.youtube.com/embed/ROjNqkQmcsE
24.03.14 The BBC says,"The Kremlin said it had acted to protect its "compatriots" in Crimea from "fascists" moving in from the mainland Ukraine" .By quotation marks ( "compatriots" and "fascists") the BBC seems to put doubts on the existence of the former and the latter. But they do exist, and the BBC overlooks the fact that nationalist, xenophobic and antisemitic forces that came to power after the unconstitutional overthrow of Yanukovitch had already cracked down on the Russian-speaking part of the Ukraine. It is logical for it to look for protection in Russia.
17.03.14 We are witnessing the event of great historical significance: the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. I had no doubts about the result of the referendum and my sympathies are on the side of the Crimeans. I raised a glass of liquor to celebrate the occasion.
As for the split between the East and the West of the Ukraine, it is not Russia that is a guilty party. Let me quote Steven Cohen in "The Nation":
"The now exceedingly dangerous confrontation between the two Ukraines was not "ignited,” as the Times claims, by Yanukovych’s duplicitous negotiating—or by Putin—but by the EU’s reckless ultimatum, in November, that the democratically elected president of a profoundly divided country choose between Europe and Russia. Putin’s proposal for a tripartite arrangement, rarely if ever reported, was flatly rejected by US and EU officials".
15.03.14 This is an article worth reading: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/14/opinion/getting-ukraine-wrong.html?_r=0
14.03.14 Many student essays and term papers can be charaterized as slapdash. It is a very useful epithet accumulating a few meanings:  небрежный; поспешный  порывистый; беспечный; склонный к необдуманным решениям. The US President Obama has charaterized the Crimean referendum as "slapdash". It is absolutely wrong. It is not as nearly "slapdash" as the slapdash decision of the USA to recognize the interim neo-Nazi government of the Ukraine that seized power after the coup inspired and paid for by the USA and the EU. Numerous calls for the referendum have been ignored by all the governments of the Ukraine. The Crimeans have as much right to self-determination as the Cosovars. 
11.03.14 The title of the article "Украина: над пропастью во лжи" is a play on words of the translation of J. Sallinger's famous book "The Catcher in the rye". It's an example when back-translation (into the original) aiming at the same pragmatic effect (pun) is hardly impossible.   http://rian.com.ua/view/20140306/340546043.html
6.03.14 BBC on the success of Putin's press conference: "Reuters reports that European stocks have steadied as tensions over potential conflict in Ukraine appeared to ease. President Putin's first comments on the crisis on Tuesday have helped fuel a rebound in equities worldwide".
5.03.14 A piece of Goebbels' propaganda appeared on Ukrainian TV channels: (Ukraine is) "a united country". Such a slogan must be treated only in the Orwellean sense: it means directly opposite to what it says. Much closer to the truth is another thesis.
The Clash of Civilizations is a theory that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. It was proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in a 1992 lecture. Huntington later expanded his thesis in a 1996 book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.
The book explores the great cultural divide in the Ukraine that can be overcome only by means of federalization of the country and the recognition of multiculturalism.
The self-appointed authorities in the Ukraine turn out to be singing a different song because they are arrogant and stupid.
 4.03.14 A quotation from the BBC today says, "Ukraine's military is dispersed; it lacks readiness, and much of its equipment is in storage.
Given the divisions inside the country, there must also be question marks about the loyalty of elements of the Ukrainian military to the new interim political authorities in Kiev".
3.03.14 The blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag started to be associated with nationalism. That's why so many people in the South-East embrace the Russian three-colour flag.
Those who honestly want to keep the integrity of the Ukraine must understand that human rights must be observed first: statehood of Russian as the main language of the country and federalization.
26.02.14 Macmillan dictionary defines a coup d'état as an occasion when a group of people takes control of a country by means of military force. This is precisely what happened. I dislike Yanukovitch, but he is an elected president,  and the so called peace-brokers signed a deal with him in the morning and reneged on their promises in the evening. The nationalists have already shown their colours when they repealea href=d the language law that gave a regional status to the Russian language.
22.02.14 Euronews opens with this bit to-day: "The three main Ukrainian opposition leaders along with representatives from the Maidan movement have signed an EU-brokered peace deal with President Viktor Yanukovych". Whoever 'brokers' a deal stands something to gain from it, doesn't he?
21.02.14 The ballot is stronger than the bullet, as Abraham Lincoln put it. The democratically elected government cannot and must not be removed by a bunch of extremists. There is a "silent majority" to count with. 
19.02.14 The tragedy of the loss of many lives could have been avoided if it were not for some well-meaning USA and EU advisers.
14.02.14 Dear kids! My congrats on St. Valentine's Day! May you find your love and keep it for ever! It is a good occasion to remember that you are young and youth is the only thing worth having! Enjoy your love, your youth, your life and all the wonders of the foreign language learning! 
 St. Valentine's Day is a cultural borrowing in the Ukraine, but I embrace it because it carries a great positive charge. It's a a good occasion to think about cultural borrowings that carry different values: positive and negative.
7.02.14 Attention!!! Important!!! The scandalous piece illustrating Amercan inteference in the Ukraine can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxaa-67yGM As the BBC says today the American assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland has already apologized before the EU for referring to it by an unprintable word.
6.02.14 Pay attention to this fact! Putin tops Forbes' 2013 ranking of world's most powerful people. Russian President Vladimir Putin has headed the rating of the most influential people in the world according to Forbes magazine; he has deposed US President Barack Obama to second place, the magazine's website reports on Wednesday.
30.01.14 In the category of "Units of translation" (the catalogue of the articles)  you will find an article explaining why swear words should be considered important in the learning of a foreign language.
29.01.14 You will find this interview interesting to get your bearings  in the Ukrainian political crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3vGFeVTB6s#t=76 
26.01.14 Yanukovich is notorious for his lack of determination and courage. He should have applied law to the bunch of trouble-makers.
 The EU and the USA are worried about violence used against the so called "protesters". These "martyrs" are just a bunch of criminals. Why not denounce violence used by them? It's funny to hear these hypocrites who use Molotov cocktails etc. describe themselves as "peaceful protesters".
The democracy of the mob is chaos. Political preferences must be expressed through the ballot box.
25.01.14 This is how Peter Newmark presents his identity: "This book is not written by a scholar. I once published a controversial piece on Corneille's Horace in French Studies, and was encouraged to work for a doctorate, but there was too much in the making that didn't interest me, so I gave up. And a German professor refused to review Approaches because it had so many mistakes in the bibliography; which is regrettable (he was asked to point them out, but refused; later, he changed his mind and reviewed the book), but academic detail is not the essential of that or this book either".
The clear implication is: not everyone who gets a degree is a scholar. I would say more. Many proud degree owners will live enough to see that their dissertations are not worth the paper they are printed on. It is particularly true of those who find themselves on flimsy grounds while teaching students. That's why they dislike teaching and think about themselves as flying in the skies of pure linguistics. You may know them when they start speaking: too many 'clever' words and no clear idea.
24.01.14 This funny video of a Thai guide will make you burst into laughter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MZR7TnFRBo#t=25  But can you make a list of her communicative strategies? While her phonetic and grammatical mistakes are quite evident it would me much more difficult and professional to make a dummy run on the interpreters communicative skills. 
With very few language resourcesshe gains the audience by making them laugh. It demonstrates in the most convincing way the power of the phatic function of the language!  
23.01.14  The Latin expression cui prodest? (кому выгодно?) applied to the tragic deaths of people in Kiev will inevitably lead to the conclusion that the Troika is desperately trying to raise tensions. The death of people is playing into their hands and giving a boost to their selfish political aims. The matter of Power is at stake, and nothing else!!!
The legally elected government can be challenged at the elections. People who are trying to overthrow it with the help of Molotov's cocktails are violating law and law must be applied to them.
13.01.14 The definition of identity is closely related to translation. One of the shortest presentations of his identity is given by a well-known Irish desciple of translation Michael Cronin: "The writer of the current work has a regional identity as a Dubliner, a national identity as an Irishman, a continental identity as a European, a class identity as petty bourgeois, a gender identity as male and a racial identity as white”
[Cronin, 2013: 18].
1.01.14 Compliments of the season, dear kids! May you be happy with your loved ones!



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