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Контрольная 3
23.11.2009, 13:22
Control paper

1. Assignment (5 points)
1. Make a circle over the right letter.  
1. A Chinese court has sentenced six people to death for murder and other crimes during ethnic riots in Xinjiang region in July, state media have said (13.10.09).
Ethnic riots were caused by:
a) the economic downturn;
b) the influx of immigrants;
c) the oppression of the Uighurs by the Hans;
d) the Tibetan mutiny.

2. Opponents held a rally against what they called the president's growing authoritarianism. The indoctrination they were concerned about is related to "the Bolivarian Doctrine" - a reference to the ideals of 19th Century independence hero Simon Bolivar, such as Latin American unity and national self-determination.
The indoctrination in Venezuela is implemented in:
 a) schools;
b) the Navy;
c) the government;
d) the police.

3. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Moscow to urge Russian leaders to support a tougher stance towards Iran's controversial nuclear programme (13.10. 09).
The key Russian demand for Moscow to back up the American stance on Iran is:
a) NATO should withdraw its troops from Afghanistan;
b) the Ukraine is not to become part of NATO;
c) Wasington is to scrap plans to deploy interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic;
d) American recognition of South Osetian and Abhazian independence.

4. But instead of just cutting the price, they slashed it to pieces, offering to build the road for 60% less than the guide price - saving taxpayers millions, but leaving many wondering how they can do it so cheaply without pain. But with tension mounting in the UK, in particular, over the employment of foreign contract labour, the authorities in Warsaw and Brussels will need to tread very carefully. 
The contract is: 
a) about oil deliveries to Western Europe through the Ukraine;
b) a dramatic knock-down Chinese bid for building two motorways in Poland;
c) about the employment of foreign contract labour in the UK;
d) being masterminded from Brussels.

5. Eric Besson told French television that the illegal gathering of tents and shelters should close imminently. Mr Besson said the closure would send a strong message that people traffickers could no longer use Calais. 
It’s a campaign:
a) against illegal immigration;
b) for the renovation of Calais;
c) against the unsanitary conditions in the illegal gathering of tents and shelters;
d) to streamline the transportation of people to Britain.

2. Assignment (5 points)
1. Match the right capital to the name of the country. 
An example: Lisbon is the capital of Belgium. - Portugal.
a) Caracas is the capital of Latvia;
b) Vilnius is the capital of Pakistan;
c) Ottawa is the capital of Chile;
d) Maputo is the capital of Indonesia;
e) Islamabad is the capital of Lithuania;
f) Pretoria is the capital of Venezuela;
g) Riga is the capital of Canada;
h) Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of South Africa;
i) Oslo is the capital of Mozambique;
j) Santiago is the capital of Norway.

3. Assignment (5 points)
Make a circle over the right letter. 
a) Julia was a high-born damsel;
b) Julia wouldn’t let Michael out of the room till he made a dishonest woman out of her;
c) The American manager hoped to get even with Langton;
d) Julia nearly throttled Jimmie;
e) Michael was angry that Julia should have let him down;
f) Michael’s complacency enraged Jimmie;
g) Michael had never met anyone who was a patch on the American manager;
i) Julia was sorry that Michael had clicked;
k) Jimmie gave Julia a biff on the jaw;
l) Michael thought they would buy a house when they had their feet on the ladder.

4. Assignment (5 points)
Translate into your native language.
1. As the result of the government reshuffle the Secretary of State had to step down.
2. The lunatic fringe is likely to go on a binge.
3. The economic crunch wants a coordinated effort to overcome.
4. The tip-off has preempted a coup attempt.
5. The downturn has generated a stand-off between the legislative and the executive bodies.
6. A high-profile visit will hardly help the government remain in office.
7. You must resort to emergency measures to give a boost to the faltering economy. 
8. The alleged terrorist was detained, but very soon was released on bail.
9. The Americans will think nothing of using force in Iran.
10. The rubber-stamp Parliament leaves no room for another option.
5. Assignment (2, 5 points)
Give an example of:
1. A rhyming proverb;
2. Animism;
3. Colloquialism;
4. Academic jargon;
5. Onomatopoeia.

6. Assignment (2, 5 points)
Transposition is:
1. A switch-over from one style to another;
2. A semantic change based on metonymy;
3. Adaptation;
4. Domestication;
5. A grammatical change.

7. Assignment (5 points)
Translate into your native language.
1. The only thing is to grin and bear it.
2. The play languished and was withdrawn.
3. I’ve got a juvenile in my eye.
4. You know what our takings are.
5. He’s got looks. I can carry him.
6. Why the hell don’t you get a char-woman in?
7. What’s all this Tosca stuff about?
8. …in a very short while he seemed to take her a trifle for granted.
9. …one’s got to know the ropes.
10. His features had a worn distinction.

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