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Useful expressions to be resorted to in the academic debate
10.01.2010, 17:33
Expressions for spontaneous backlash
 1. There is certainly a good point in your question to be considered, but it stretches our efforts beyond the bounds of the research.
2. The results of every research are expected to be valid only within the framework of the harvest of examples reaped and sifted.
3. In my research I relied mostly on the methodological premises outlined by such authors as Smirnitsky, Arnold and Nikitin.
 4. I wish you repeated your question if you please. 
5. The main points of my research can be summarized like this. The English language is in a state of permanent flux. Its claim to being the global lingua franca is backed up by two tendencies: the ingenious simplicity of its grammar and the vacuum-cleaner’s-like ability of sucking in borrowings from other languages. In my research I concentrated on those means of developing and enriching the English vocabulary which are traditionally characterized as the "inner” resources of the language. These inner resources, in my opinion, can be regarded as a counterbalance to borrowing and hybridization and function as a stabilizing factor which maintains the identity of the English Language against the backdrop of flamboyant and rampant diversity of its countless variants.
 6. What exactly do you mean when you refer to pragmatic aspects of communication? As I have already explained, my approach was mostly concerned with paradigmatic aspects of the language and has little to do with those features of the language which reveal themselves in speech.
 7. Statistically, my conclusions are based on 8000 neologisms which were registered by Professor Zatsny as mass media-sanctified lexical units which have a chance of a long life. My personal contribution consists in running all of the above-mentioned units through a kind of a sifting gadget and selecting those few of them which are indeed likely to survive.
8. The practical application of my work may be seen as showing the battle-grounds to the translators’ efforts and guiding the learners of English away from the treacherous mine-field of one-day neologisms.
 9. I do not claim my work to be a ground-breaking discovery of the scope of Mendeleyev or Einstein. However, I do contend that research in this field is at the cutting edge of modern linguistics and is going to remain in this state for many years to come.
10. I would be glad to elaborate on the issue, but it will certainly take some going and consume a great deal of time. I’d be pleased to talk with you in person about it after the conference.
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