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22.03.2017, 16:05


This is the article I told you about at the previous lesson. Pick out word and expressions, be ready to disscus the issue.

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Think you’ve beenstabbed in theback at work? If so, you’renot alone. Unfortunately, aggressive workplacesabound. But you can still succeed if you know what to do. First of all, you
should know that workplace saboteurs come in several types, including:

1)Belittlers, who hurl put-downs, demeaning remarks and disparaging comments.
2)Credit Thieves, who steal your ideas and grab the glory when a project is
3)Finger Pointers, who pin the blame on others when the project goes wrong.4)Rumor
Spreaders: stirring up drama by spreading lies and half-truths that destroy
5)Slackers, who shirk responsibility and foist duties onto others.
6)Scorched-Earth Managers, who will undermine or even fire a smart, capable
worker when they feel threatened by brains and talent.
So, if you're
certain you've been the target of sabotage, you must read this short list of sure
remedies that will help you to defeat your enemy.

1)Get Allies:
Know that the bully will have allies, so you'll need all the backup you can
2)Go Three Levels Up, If Possible: A bully's boss may be in on the game, so go
above their heads to make your case.
3)Don't Get Personal: "Instead of saying how you were hurt by what
happened, show how sabotage is causing the business to suffer,"
4)Ask for Protection: Again, make your case business-related, not personal, and
explain that your productivity can improve if you're not constantly looking
over your shoulder.

And the last but not least, you should prepare for your next job: unfortunately,
whistleblowers can be blamed for their own fate. If things go from bad to
worse, know that you may have to leave the job you love.

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